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The Woof Meow Show - All About Dogs & Cats This show focuses on educating dog and cat parents about health issues, nutrition, training, behavior and everything related to sharing your life with a pet. Kate and Don interview Kathy Vanaria from Maine Lost Dog Recovery, discussing things pet owners can do to better prepare themselves if their pet should ever runoff or get lost.
Stephanie is from Lewiston, Maine and a recent graduate from Utica College with a bachelor's of science in Biology with a concentration in Pre-Medicine. NEW GLOUCESTER, Maine — When Fat Dog gets stuck at the bottom of the water slide, Tucker, Baxter, Kezar and Dot slide one, two, three, four, into a big mess one afternoon at Aquaboggan. Excited about her book — and about the way it exemplified Ellie’s recovery — family and friends bought copies, earning the 9-year-old author $100. Ellie’s not quite back to writing poetry yet, but she hopes to pen pieces about the geese and ducks that frequent the pond behind their house. Kate and Don talk with Pamela Hansberry, Executive Director of Forgotten Felines of Maine about the important work of this all volunteer organization. Kate and Don talk with Stacey Coventry and Suzan Bell from BHS about their upcoming Paws on Parade on Saturday October 5th. The type of pet you choose; dog or cat, young or old, large or small, pure bred or mixed breed, short coat or long coat, and what the breed was bred to do should all factor in to your decision.
Likewise, your lifestyle, what you like to do in your free time, how you feel about exercise and whether or not you have children in your life should all play a role in deciding which pet is best for you. Make sure your dog or cat always has somewhere inside to hide and that they have access to this place at all times.
During firework season, walk dogs during daylight hours and keep cats and dogs indoors anytime when fireworks are likely to be set off. Not everyone likes dogs and one of the main reasons why some people don't like dogs is that some dog owners dogs don't clean up after their dogs.

Whenever you are out and about with your dog, make sure that you are carrying something with you that you can use to cleanup your dog's feces and can then take them someplace where you can properly dispose of them. We also talked about what to do if your pet goes missing and how Maine Lost Dog Recovery and Maine Lost Cat Recovery can help.
They have 4 dogs of their own and also have 3 human kids as well to boot to add to their pack!
Her house was never without a cat or a dog (although she much prefers dogs.) Growing up she always wanted to be a vet that is, until she found out she didn't have the stomach for it. On Tuesday, she was expected to donate the funds to the Coastal Humane Society, “so the dogs can have toys,” she said. Pam provides us with an update on Freida, the Throw Away Kitty and tells us about the upcoming 2nd Annual Glitterbox Auction. Both dogs and cats, depending on the breed, can live 15 years or more and when you get a pet it should be with a commitment of keeping it for life. In order to enjoy all the features of our site, we recommended you upgrade to a newer, more secure browser. This event is a major fundraiser for Forgotten Felines of Maine and will be held in Bangor at the Sea Dog on Saturday, October 19th from 4PM to 8pM. We'll talk about the rationale for feeding our pets a diet of raw food and recent changes in regulations affecting the pet food industry.
It was only natural to think that opening up a Camp Bow Wow® location here in Portland would be a positive bark in the right direction for them AND the surrounding Greater Portland, Maine area.
Email Jessika directly with your quesions about training at: This email address is being protected from spambots. Stephanie is the assistant women's lacrosse coach at Colby College in Waterville, Maine and the head goalie coach for the Maineiax Lacrosse Club.Stephanie loves to work at Camp that always gives her new learning experiences that continuously allows her love for dogs to grow and to have the opportunity to work with some amazing individuals!

Schlichting wrote and illustrated a book about an imaginary trip Dot and two neighbor dogs took to a water park. Dave Cloutier from the Veazie Veterinary Clinic about what it’s like to go to veterinary school and to be a veterinarian. In this show we'll discuss non-core vaccines for cats and some of the adverse reactions that can occur when dogs and cats are vaccinated.
In this show we'll discuss titer testing as an alternative to annual vaccinations, non-core vaccinations for dogs and canine infectious respiratory disease complex, more commonly known as canine cough or kennel cough. In this show we'll discuss why vaccines are so important, core vaccinations for dogs and the recommended frequency one should vaccinate their pets. They bring passion about the health and well-being to all dogs that come through our doors. We’ll talk about how kids can learn more, what they should study in high school and the importance of job shadowing. This research project was initiated by Kris Christine, a Mainer whose dog Meadow developed a malignant tumor at the sire of his Rabies vaccination. If you know someone that is thinking about a career in veterinary medicine they should tune in to or download this show. Jennifer combines her love for all animals, graphic design and photograhy with her education to accent her Camp Scout duties.
Let us introduce you to our talented staff and maybe you will get to know a little bit more about them you didn't know before.

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