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Without further ado, let's continue our exploration of some of the many various popular myths about dog aggression. Without further ado, let’s continue our exploration of some of the many various popular myths about dog aggression. For many reactive and aggressive dogs there is hope IF the family is up to the challenge and able to follow through with it. It may involve making many special accommodations for your dog, and this is often inconvenient. The fact is that many of the best dog owners I know would not want to live with an aggressive or reactive dog. If you are a person that has the time, resources, and desire to rehabilitate a dog with a reactivity or aggression issue, your behavior consultant will become your new best friend.

It may mean walking your dog very early at night or very early in the morning for some time to avoid situations which put him over threshold – it may even involve driving to a less populated neighborhood for your walks temporarily.
In owning one of these dogs, you may not get to do many of the things people like to do with their dogs – go to trials or dog parks.
It will involve very strict management protocols, including crating, gating, manipulation of distance, putting your dog in another room when you are unable to work with him in the home environment, temporarily not competing in agility while you work through your dog’s reactivity. Some aggressive and reactive dogs will never be able to live with children, other dogs, small animals including cats. While your dog-aggressive dog may never be a dog park socialite, many dog aggressive dogs can be taught to function normally despite the presence of other dogs in the environment.
Also, this sort of training may not be cheap – working with aggression and reactivity is a liability for trainers and developing training customized training protocols can be a lot of work.

Monte was the dog of a lifetime, and I wouldn’t have traded a second with him for anything. Your rehabilitated biter may never be a therapy dog, but he may very well be trained to be a wonderful companion. If you choose to stick through the rehabilitation program, you will be rewarded for your efforts with a lifetime of better dog handler skills and understanding of canine fear, body language, and aggression and this will make you a better dog owner.

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