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Just go here to search for the type of pet you want, and you'll be able to sign up right after you hit the "Search" button.
Search through our adoptable dogs and puppies at our Port Washington, NY shelter or the available animals in your area by using the search tool.
Some of the benefits of adopting a dog include: companionship, entertainment, life-lessons, a better quality of life and mental and physical health improvements.
Here's how you can benefit by looking at adoption as an option to buying a Chow Chow for sale in Manchester, or seeking a Chow Chow puppy from a breeder in Manchester.

Be sure to sign up for Search Saver e-mails, to receive the latest updates when new adoptable pets become available.
Pet owners smile more, laugh more and form special friendships with other animal owners and lovers. Additionally, we ordinarily limit adoptions to homes within CT or no more than an hour or so drive from Hartford, CT in order to be able to conduct a home visit and provide follow-up assistance when necessary.
Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis.We try to make our adoption process as easy and painless as possible, but please understand where we are coming from and all of the work that goes into rescuing and rehoming homeless animals.

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