Michael. A. Ramalho's Udacity Nanodegree, Patents, IETF RFCs and Conference Papers and Books

Michael A. Ramalho's Udacity Nanodegree (July 26, 2018):

Specialty: Voice User Interfaces

Michael A. Ramalho's Patents:

Issued Patents (50):

  1. US 5,913,186:Discrete one dimensional signal processing apparatus and method using energy spreading coding
  2. US 7,408,918:Methods and apparatus for lossless compression of delay sensitive signals
  3. US 7,284,068:Technique for providing multi-homing capability in data networks
  4. US 6,999,763:Multiple personality telephony devices
  5. US 7,328,015:Multiple personality telephony devices
  6. US 8,116,776:Mobile communication handoff between heterogeneous networks
  7. US 7,633,879:Method and apparatus for discovering the incoming media path for an internet protocol media session
  8. US 5,913,186:Classifying signals at a conference bridge
  9. US 7,929,422:Method of moving a transport connection among network hosts
  10. US 5,913,186:System and method for handling media in a seamless handoff environment
  11. US 8,018,917:System and method for facilitating network performance analysis
  12. US 8,582,465:System and method for facilitating network performance analysis
  13. US 7,930,386:Network discovery and dynamic adaptation of insufficient QoS resources
  14. US 7,814,151:Wirelessly-enabled identification of digital media generated at an event
  15. US 7,602,817:Low deviation field modulation for transfer of information
  16. US 8,923,509:Controlling echo in a wideband voice conference
  17. US 9,237,226:Controlling echo in a wideband voice conference
  18. US 8,126,160:Use of non-audible band to relay information for echo cancellation in a distributed media system
  19. US 8,238,548:Controlling echo during double-talk in a voice conference
  20. US 8,428,247:Echo mitigation in a conference call
  21. US 9,083,776:Echo mitigation in a conference call
  22. US 8,280,052:Digital signature of changing signals using feature extraction
  23. US 8,655,156:Auxiliary audio transmission for preserving synchronized playout with paced-down video
  24. US 9,426,335:Preserving synchronized playout of auxiliary audio transmission
  25. US 9,009,040:Training a transcription system
  26. US 8,462,675:Echo mitigation in the presence of variable delays due to adaptive jitter buffers
  27. US 8,929,263:Echo mitigation in the presence of variable delays due to adaptive jitter buffers
  28. US 8,600,750:Speaker-cluster dependent speaker recognition (speaker-type automated speech recognition)
  29. US 8,300,667:Buffer expansion and contraction over successive intervals for network devices
  30. US 8,484,331:Real time protocol packet tunneling
  31. US 9,025,779:System and method for using endpoints to provide sound monitoring
  32. US 8,948,058:System and method for improving audio quality during web conferences over low-speed network connections
  33. US 9,667,686:System and method for improving audio quality during web conferences over low-speed network connections
  34. US 8,838,828:Managing the bandwidth of a communication session
  35. US 9,351,024:Managing the bandwidth of a communication session
  36. US 9,088,530:Maximizing bottleneck link utilization under constraint of minimizing queuing delay for targeted delay-sensitive traffic
  37. US 9,948,561:Setting delay precedence on queues before a bottleneck link based on flow characteristics
  38. US 9,559,805:Self-describing error correction of consolidated media content
  39. US 9,363,480:Obtaining replay of audio during a conference session
  40. US 9,591,148:Detecting proximity of devices based on transmission of inaudible sound signatures in the speech band
  41. US 10,003,377:Spread spectrum acoustic communication techniques
  42. US 10,003,434:Efficient error correction that aggregates different media into encoded container packets
  43. US 10,141,973:Endpoint proximity pairing using acoustic spread spectrum token exchange and ranging information
  44. US 10,158,684:Challenge-response proximity verification of user devices based on token-to-symbol mapping definitions
  45. US 10,263,732:Self-describing error correction of consolidated media content
  46. US 10,284,484:Accelerated ramp up for delay-based rate adaptation
  47. US 10,306,181:Large scale media switching: reliable transport for long term reference frames
  48. US 10,354,660:Audio frame labeling to achieve unequal error protection for audio frames of unequal importance
  49. US 10,396,846:Adaptive decoding of spread spectrum signals using multiple correlator peaks
  50. US 10,530,417:Spread spectrum acoustic communications techniques (Continuation of US 10,003,377)

Pending Patents (6):

  1. US20170048296A1:Timely delivery of real-time media problem when TCP must be used
  2. US20180159777A1:Techniques for informing communications networks of desired packet transport treatment
  3. Publication Number: Not available:Conversation aware meeting prompts
  4. Publication Number: Not available:Efficient handling of clock offset in spread spectrum decoders
  5. Publication Number: Not available:Systems and methods for providing proximity as a service in a heterogeneous network of independent system components
  6. Publication Number: Not available:Audio fingerprinting for meeting services

Michael A. Ramalho's Internet Engineering Task Force RFCs:

  1. RFC 2805:Media Gateway Control Protocol Architecture and Requirements
  2. RFC 3758:Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Partial Reliability Extension
  3. RFC 7655:RTP Payload Format for G.711.0
  4. RFC 8698:Network-Assisted Dynamic Adaptation (NADA): A Unified Congestion Control Scheme for Real-Time Media
  5. RFC TBD1:Test Cases for Evaluating RMCAT Proposal (Last Call: soon to become Informational RFC).
  6. RFC TBD2:Evaluation Test Cases for Interactive Real-Time Media over Wireless Networks (Last Call: soon to become Informational RFC)
  7. RFC TBD3:RTP Control Protocol (RTCP) Feedback for Congestion Control (Last Call: soon to become standards Track RFC)

Michael A. Ramalho's Conference Papers and Books:

  1. EMERGING ITU-T STANDARD G.711.0 - LOSSLESS COMPRESSION OF G.711 PULSE CODE MODULATION, Noboru Harada, Yutaka Kamamoto, Takehiro Moriya, Yusuke Hiwasaki, Michael A. Ramalho, Lorin Netsch, Jacek Stachurski, Lei Miao, Hervé Taddei and Fengyan Qi, ICASSP 2010, Volume 1, pgs. 4658-4661.
  2. M. A. Ramalho and R. J. Mammone, "A New Speech Enhancement Technique With Applications To Speaker Identification," ICASSP 1994, Volume 1, pgs. 29-32.
  3. M. A. Ramalho and R. J. Mammone, "New speech enhancement techniques using the pitch mode modulation model," Proceedings of 36th Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Detroit, MI, USA, 1993, pp. 1531-1534 vol.2.
  4. The Pitch Mode Modulation Model and Its Application in Speech Processing: A Book Chapter in Modern Methods of Speech Processing, Springer Link, ISBN 978-1-4615-2281-2
  5. A REVIEW OF TRANSMISSION TECHNOLOGY ISSUES FOR ISDN BASIC ACCESS, Michael A. Ramalho, Joseph W. Lechleider and Ming L. Liu, Online ISDN Conference, November 1986, pgs. 79-100.

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