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With the ability to rip and cross cut solid timber as well as re-sizing sheet material quickly and accurately, a good quality table saw is a key workshop item for most keen woodworkers and is likely to be the starting point for many projects.
Gallery of Toshio at work on this styles of furniture from Mission to French new woodworking table saws uk saw to appeal to users. According to a USA Today article, tablesaw safety in the United States is getting another look from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and saw manufacturers may get a call to testify as to why the problem has not been addressed sufficiently.The CPSC says there are about 10 finger amputations a day, and that is in home shops alone. More on the Great Tablesaw Safety DebateWe've been covering the developing story for a while now. PROPOSAL TO CPSCRead an exceprt from Stephen Gass' original propsal to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) about incorporating advanced safety features on tablesaws made and sold in the U.S. Al_Phelps writes: If a Sawstop was only $100 more expensive than a comparable table saw I would buy it in a heart beat.

All fiscal conservatives should be in favor of a law banning the sale of saws without this or similar technology. Blasdel writes: After a near miss, my wife made mbe sell my old (Delta Unisaw) and buy a new Sawstop. In a multi person shop, have the table saw isolated even just by partitions so one is not distracted while operating the saw. I for one, am willing to accept the fact that there are 3800 finger amputations a year from table saws.
Record Power table saws feature market-leading industrial inspired construction, offering cast iron saw units on solid trunnions for maximum strength, support and accuracy. The law would in essence make the direct parties, the manufacturers that profit from the sale of saws and the user that benefits from the use of the saw, a little upfront for safety not the taxpayer pay hundreds of thousands afterward.

Gass and his colleagues, David Fanning and David Fulmer, went on to start their own saw company, which now offers three tablesaws under the SawStop brand: two cabinet saws and a contractor saw. But some representatives who did not want to be identified say that including flesh-sensing and blade-halting technology will have a profound effect on the woodworking tool industry and will increase the price of any tablesaw.

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