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The woodworking shows homepage, Woodworking is a trade at the the woodworking shows have established a devoted following by providing visit bob settich’s woodworking show exclusive seminar. Woodsmith shop – america‚Äôs favorite woodworking tv show, Sign up for free weekly delivered by email each week. The Fine WoodWorking blog reports that Boston’s WGBH will be producing a new PBS woodworking show featuring Thomas J.
I would love to see Marc on the TV, I agree with ShopMonger that he is great at showing techniques.

To be sure, there are a lot of subjects that can still be covered in woodworking shows; I would like to learn a lot more about CNC carving for one. Norm opened the door and made woodworking accessible to the masses- but it was just the beginning- just like Bart and Jerry and Ray and Paul were just the beginning. I’d like to see a show on those fancy decorative turning lathes, and shows on how set up and use the basic shop equipment.
His 207 Woodworking site has several video podcasts for projects ranging from a step stool to a bombe secretary.

For those people who complain about Norm or David Marks finishing a table in one show, on one video T-Chisel worked on flattening a tiny piece of trim for about an hour, yabbering on all the time.

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