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Outdoor storage sheds metal warehouse manufacturers representing the European, United Kingdom TRIMETAL.
Bicycle parking, suitable for storage of large storage sheds to cycle port, bike garage and bike storage, tire and fishing rods, surfboards, hobby items, weight, long low floor design. Important road bike, cross bike, mountain bikesVery active in the storage of city cycle commuters daily, Chari!Door lock, and open on the people who love bicycles it seems inner garage is very popular.Especially the metal shed TM6 cyclists ' maintenance and parts, cycle clothing ( saikurujaji ) and helmet storage wall cabinets with plenty to set is.Also roller units had been urusagara in the House until now during the TM6, enjoy the bike I'm Ant!

Gardening supplies and tools, bikes and bike maintenance supplies tidy storage can be a convenient two-stage hanging shelf comes standard! To peace of mind 2 years warranty tire storage, road bike, Chari, gardening supplies storage.

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