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There is not an easier heavy timber pavilion or gazebo kit to install than the kits from Western Timber Frame.
Timber Framing: Literally means “framework”, or half-timbering, which is the method of creating structures utilizing heavy timbers jointed via pegged mortise and tenon joints. Timber Awnings: A roof-like structure that serves as a shelter over a storefront, window, door, or deck, or other outcropping on a building.
Arbors: A shady resting place in a garden or park on which plants such as climbing shrubs or vines can grow.
Timber Entryways: A roofed area usually involving a truss in the front for exposure while providing a passage for entrance into a home or building. Our products and services are second to none, especially with our new interlocking corners–preventing our timber structure from warping, twisting, and widening gaps. We have all types of decorative brass,  metal plates, and wraps to really dress up your timber structures. We are a team of dedicated guys and gals who have a passion and lifelong appreciation for the inherent beauty and rich warmth of heavy-duty timber framing. Working together with our great crew of skilled craftsmen, Western Timber Framing has won awards and become a leader in residential and commercial custom architectural timber framing.
We have decades of experience in timber frame building in private communities, businesses and other developments across America.

Installation is available through Western Timber Frame™ or one of our certified dealers. Award winning Custom Timber Pavilions and Pergolas that are designed, built and stained in our shop, and delivered right to your backyard for quick installation.
From the South East Coast of Florida to San Diego, California on the West Coast, our pergola kits are being installed all across the USA. The experts at Western Timber Frame built my pergola with precision, beauty and genuine care. I was in the process of making arrangements to have a pergola built when I came across a Western Timber Frame display at Costco. I want to thank you and everyone at Western Timber Frame for your help in transforming our pool area.
There is not an easier pergola kit to install than our pergola kits right here from Western Timber Frame. Top 14 Timber Pergola Photo Ideas but not least is the cost of concreting, stuff, and labor, along with additional things such as fastening, hardware, claddings, light, and finishes or paints. The result is a timber pergola kit with unmatched quality and durability that is quick and easy to install.
In many aspects, they are often even easier to install than even inferior flimsy hardware store kits because their sheer size and strength allow posts to stand upright.

Western Timber Frame pavilions and pergolas are architecturally responsible, integral, and more resilient in seismic shifting, powerful coastal storms, high winds, heavy snows of high mountainous regions.
Not only is NO construction knowledge required for our kits, but our kits are extremely easy to assemble because of our unique dovetail joint method, and precision cuts. Our heavy duty Arbors and Trellises utilize our dovetail joint method for superior strength and a minimum of maintenance. I would highly recommend Western Timber Frame to anyone that is looking to build a pergola. This system also reduces future warping, twisting and gap exposure.We have mastered the art of timber framing.
I was a little concerned, with the large size of the timbers, that the pergola would over-power my house, but that’s not the case at all. I would definitely use Western Timber Frame again as other projects arise and would definitely recommend your company to others.

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