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Build this beautiful garden bridge small garden bridge plans with these free downloadable plans.
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Victimisation group A jig saw to cut out the bridge fashioning an arciform footbridge free plans small garden bridge proscribed of lumber commode glucinium fun arduous figure out and also quite rewarding. A gyrate brand leave understate turning the project and small detail lines are lots easier to. Here it is May 7th, 2009 and I built a new 8 foot bridge for our pond from these wonderful plans I found on your site.
This 4' x 24" high arched footbridge is made out of 2 x 10's and can be made with either Western Red Cedar or Redwood.

5 foot high arched footbridge is made out of 2 x 10's from Western Red Cedar with no posts or rails.
6 foot high arched footbridge is made out of 2 x 12's from Western Red Cedar with no posts or rails.
I got my arch by placing small nails three inches up on each end of the 12 ft long board and one nail at the edge of the board in the middle and then bending a piece of 12 ft long 1" by 1" molding under the two end nails and over the top middle nail. My daughter and I purchased the materials on a Saturday morning and had the bridge finished in place on Sunday evening. It is built with 2 supports and will hold 750 to 1000 lbs, strong enough for pedestrian use or for a small garden tractor. The folks down at Parks were visibly moved by this Eagle project and the children at play couldn't wait to cross over.

I built the 8 foot bridge out of treated 2x12x8 (2) and deck planking cut to a width of 30". If anyone is interested in getting an impecable footbridge for any occasion, I can't think of a more competent and nicer craftman to contact than you. They are strong enough to hold up to 400 lbs and we can custom design a footbridge up to 30 ft. It was planned (and built accordingly) to be somewhat temporary, but my father-in-law has kept it up ever since the wedding.

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