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We bought this shed for 2 purposes: As extra storage space and to house my husband's scooter (it now houses a 250 motorcycle and a bicycle plus off-season decorations and other odds and ends). In addition, damage caused by: insects, animals or rodents, use of force, incorrect handling, inappropriate use, abuse, neglect, accidents, impact from foreign objects, vandalism, pollutants, set-up on an un-level foundation, alteration, painting, fading, assembly not in accordance with the User's Manual, or damage caused as a result of storage above the capacity limits of the Product, are not covered by this limited warranty. My son and I put it together and only needed help with the roof panels, and even then really just because I'm not exactly tall :) The instructions were very clear and all parts clearly labelled and the great thing is there are very few parts!Despite not doing the greatest job of levelling the ground or putting much of a underlay (used an old piece of plastic tarp), this shed has withstood heavy rain and winds and ice storms and has been very solid.

If Rubbermaid, in its sole discretion, determines that the product requires full replacement, then Rubbermaid will either replace the product or refund you the pro-rata portion of the purchase price of the product on a straight line depreciated basis of 10% per year. Rubbermaid reserves the right to request photographic proof of product defect, and request that the defective product in question be shipped to Rubbermaid to verify the defect or to aid in quality control efforts. For example, if the product has been owned for 7 years, Rubbermaid will refund you 30% of the original purchase price. This warranty is void if structural parts and components not supplied by Rubbermaid are used.
My husband drives the bike into that shed nearly every day and the floor is tough as nails.

And even if the bike isn't positioned quite right to shut the door all the way, we've never had a problem with rain getting in.I have another (metal) shed that I had to build a base for and put together with a million screws and bolts and then had to use various sealant and silicone caulk.
The plywood flooring has been a nightmare and is all warped and parts of the shed have rust and I have to clean the mildew every year.

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