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From concept to completion our ability to plan, design, engineer and construct Temperature Controlled facilities using our own people is paramount. Either potato storage building design a nut and bolt or a locking plate allowing for seasonal wood movement by slightly violin. Monolithic built its first storage unit in 1976 — a 105? ? 35? concrete dome to hold Idaho potatoes. That makes a Monolithic Dome bulk storage a better bargain than a vertical silo, an A-frame, or a flat unit, whether it’s constructed of concrete, wood, steel or aluminum. Basic Foundation – Generally, a Monolithic Dome bulk storage does not require a foundation as thick as one for a vertical silo. Timely Construction – In Monolithic Dome construction, once the Airform is inflated and stabilized, the building process continues on the inside of the dome, unaffected by either light or weather. Design Flexibility – When it comes to shapes and sizes, Monolithic offers a generous variety, and its professionals can help you decide which dome size and shape can best fit your needs and your budget. Corrosion Resistance – Condensation that develops in a bulk storage often produces corrosion.

Multi-use – When not used to hold a specific product, a Monolithic Dome bulk storage can be used as a shop or to house costly equipment. Generally, traditional bulk storages, such as grain silos, cement silos and vertical grain bins, are cylinders. Although they have toured nine domes, the Siglers would have liked to have experienced life in a dome before making the major investment of actually building one. Matthew and Jari Whiteacre dreamed about building a Monolithic Dome Home for a long time before their dreams became plans. The construction of a produce cooling and storage facility is an investment in quality maintenance. The optimal storage temperature must be continuously maintained to obtain the full benefit of cold storage. Not only can you get exactly what you need for less, but you can get it designed and built by experienced, reliable and reputable professionals. Since then, more than 500 Monolithic Dome storages have been built and are in use in nearly every American state and more than 20 foreign countries.

Bulk storage is the term for buildings that store bulk commodities such as cement, sand, frac sand, salt, fertilizer, feed, grains, aggregates, carbon, chips, seeds, peanuts, coke, blasting powder – and the list goes on.
Besides potatoes, they store cement, sand, salt, fertilizer, feed, grains, fruits, vegetables, aggregates, carbon, chips, seeds, peanuts, Coke, blasting powder, etc. If you compare the holding capacity of different kinds of bulk storages to that of a Monolithic Dome, you will find that the dome can easily store as much as any of the others, but it can do it in less space. Thus, a huge Monolithic Dome bulk storage, even in moisture-compromised areas, may require only a simple, basic foundation instead of a super-thick, costly one.
If water gets into or condensation forms inside a storage unit, it quite quickly begins degrading the fertilizer and forming rust.
Consequently, the dome provides your desired storage capacity but saves on construction costs and land use.

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