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Maybe you have built a few models, maybe even a full size geodome in your back yard as a tool shed or play house for the kids and now you are finally ready to grow some serious food!
That is one thing I admire so much about Kacper, he doesn’t wait around, he just goes and starts building! While he was doing this so many people started bugging him about dome construction both online and off he finally wrote down (he can type at 80 words per minute too!) the exact methods he used to save over $16,000.00 on building his dome, how he cut the struts, how he planned his dome using free tools, in fact he did a complete brain dump of all his mistakes, challenges and ultimately exactly how to build your own geodesic greenhouse biodome. In it you will find not only step by step detailed instructions on how to actually build your own biodome but exact pictures of each step too! For the amount of growing space you get domes are incredibly light & transportable, because of this you can easily move them if needed. Remember its 100% guaranteed forever and besides that its frikkin cool to build your own biodome! I have alot of building experience and would like to miter all my connections instead of using a fabricated connector.

Depending on how far you need to move your geodesic greenhouse and how it is fastened to the ground I would suggest some log skids and a tractor. How to actually build a huge geodesic dome greenhouse using using everyday materials you can buy at any lumber yard.
In fact you can build your own dome for pennies compared to the cost of normal green-houses using regular 2x4s from your local lumber yard. You can build to any size no matter what space you have to work with there is a dome that will work for you. Depending on the size and where you live you probably don’t even need a permit to build a temporary structure, so can have your own whether you own land or are just renting! I guess gardening runs in Kacper’s blood because the moment he saw the potential of geodesic greenhouses he started building one. Geodesic domes have withstood earthquakes, pretty much any amount of snow and hurricane force winds.

I have now had personal feedback from people with zero construction experience who quickly built their own dome greenhouse.
We chose industrial shrinkwrap for its ease of application and low cost but many people use greenhouse sheeting with good results.
With the step-by-step fully illustrated eBook you can definitely build your own geodesic biodome (because I already did and have the pictures to prove it!).

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