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DIY Gazebo Plans & Blueprints For Building A Hexagonal Gazebo Step By Step DIY Gazebo Plans & Blueprints For Building A Hexagonal Gazebo Step By StepHere are the gazebo plans and blueprints for a hexagonal gazebo!
The octagon gazebo floor plan for wood and vinyl gazebos with an accompanying chart of measurements for each is below. Step #1 : Building the baseThe very first step is to level and clear the site for construction the gazebo. Placing the beam along the template, align the cut end to the centre mark on the template arm and make the inner edge of the perimeter beam touch the corner of the arm (Diag.

Mark on the top of each of the foundation posts where the cuts are to be made and then cut out the housing for the beams (Diag. Then place the beam inside the post housings, such that the posts and beam are at right angles, and then clamp it in position.Make two holes of 5mm each at a distance of 45 mm from the end and 25mm from top of each beam and bottom through into the foundation post and secure using galvanized screws. Place the angular end of the middle rafter to the block then mark its length at the place where it joins the temporary timber bracing and cut the angle square. They require hardly any maintenance and they also give a traditional and rustic appearance to the gazebo.

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