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How build free cheap shed pallets diy garage, How build free cheap shed pallets diy garage part 6.
When you are raising goats, just like with other livestock they need a nice shelter to keep them warm. If you live in colder climate areas, don’t worry there are ways to insulate the shelter with plywood, tarp or plastic sheeting. Another great thing about this project, is that you do not have to dismantle the wood pallets. Here’s a very easy to make idea that will guide you step by step in the making of a goat (or any other animal) barn.

You may even add this goat hay feeder, so they can eat when they are inside this diy wood pallet goat shelter. You will be using pallets, which are some of the most accessible materials, stakes, lag bolts, tin roofing and concrete blocks.
But you have to be very careful when installing the plastic or tarp, apparently your goats can feed on it.
This pallet barn will costs you less, than a ready-made one and it will resist well in any outdoor condition. The barn will be made entirely of pallets and the concrete blocks will be used as a support for the entire barn.

You can ask for help from your family or friends, as the more you participate in the building the faster this shed will be ready.
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