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The Fiji Bay All-Westher Wicker Chat Set includes four armless chairs and a coffee table with a lift-off top for hidden storage. In addition to its functionality, the outdoor sectional grouping is made with a steel frame and a durable, weather-resistant resin wicker.
In order to prevent unwanted glare from your outdoor lighting, use bulbs with reasonable illumination levels.
Inspired by the shape of a birdcage, this iron-and-wood chandelier boasts ten lights to illuminate the room, and enough style to have all your guests raising a glass skyward at your dining table.

To conserve energy, install a motion or heat-sensitive control that will switch on the light only if someone approaches that side of the house. You may also use full cut-off fixtures to direct the light down towards the ground, where it is needed, rather than being cast to the side or up towards the sky, where it is wasted. Table lamps, floor lamps, and torchiers are available in a variety of styles to complement any decor. This functional piece has a removable top that can be removed for storage and features small inlaid recycled elm wood planks.

At Angersteins we will work with you to create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space for you this Spring.
An automatic timer can control a portion of your outdoor lights to turn off at a certain hour, while basic security lights can be left on through the night.

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