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Move your storage outside As we grow older and accumulate more and more items, storage space becomes more valuable.
Install a dedicated potting shed - If you have green fingers, this open-fronted potting shed will make gardening a breeze. Outdoor shower nothing says relaxed more than an outdoor shower after a day of swimming!Design ideas for a traditional detached garage and shed in New York.
Go big with shipping containers - Shipping containers make for great storage where space permits, whether you need a mini cube or something of epic proportions.

If you’re lucky enough to have some outdoor space, make it work harder by adding in a storage shed for bikes, pushchairs or whatever it may be, and free up some space inside.This is an example of a traditional garage and shed. The shelving is positioned so everything is easily to hand, and the shelter means there’s no excuse for staying indoors on wet days.Design ideas for a traditional garage and shed in Detroit with a gardening shed. Most sheds have dry heat, the perfect environment for preserving flowers and herbs.Photo of a rustic porch in Boston with concrete slab and a roof extension. Royal Wolf specialises in containers of all sizes, which can be turned into practical storage, especially for those occasional-use or seasonal items, such as extra outdoor chairs for parties, garden umbrellas and sun lounges.Inspiration for an industrial detached garage and shed.

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