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360 Sheds & Outdoor Buildings provides professional shed delivery and installation six days a week. We guarantee to provide delivery and installation within 30 miles for every one of our sheds and outdoor buildings. For the best service in outdoor storage shed sales, 360 Sheds & Outdoor Buildings is the place to go. 360 Sheds & Outdoor Buildings builds, sells, and installs portable buildings for all applications. At 360 Sheds & Outdoor Buildings of Richmond, VA, we are the leader in outdoor storage shed sales and portable buildings, offering free shed delivery and installation for all customers within 30 miles of our office. There are several different siding options for our Amish built storage sheds when you buy from our catalog. Our siding choices include: wood storage sheds, vinyl storage sheds, pine board and board sheds.
Our Amish built storage sheds come in many different sizes, ranging from 8'x8' to 14'x40', and we have 28 sizes available!

On the wood Amish built sheds, you can choose a main color for the paint, trim, shingles, and shutters.
Customers often appreciate the variety of sizes in our selection of Amish built sheds in our catalog of sheds on sale. The detailed design of the Amish built sheds at Alan's Factory Outlet attracts the attention of many shoppers.
At 360 Sheds & Outdoor Buildings, you can rent to own without having to submit to a credit check! Virginia homeowners and businesses can also order a Quaker style storage shed with an offset roof and an overhang. Alternatively, with the vinyl models, customers choose a color for the vinyl, trim, shingles, shutters, and even the door of each vinyl shed for sale. Free delivery in all of Northern VA on the prefab sheds that you order online from our extensive selection of sheds. Whether a customer's building is made of wood or vinyl, each shed for sale has a level of durability that is second to none.

Furthermore, when they walk into the shed, they want plenty of room to move around and gather the items they need. The Amish sheds in our shed sale selection have doors, windows, shutters, and attractive roofs. Regarding the storage sheds, a customer gets a choice of color for the metal roof, as well as the shingles. In addition, there is the option of an extra set of double doors or an extra single door when you purchase sheds on sale from Alan's Factory Outlet. No matter how many items owners have to tuck away, we have Amish sheds that can meet their storage needs!
Other options available with our Amish-built sheds include lofts, workbenches, ramps, garage doors, porches, dormers, flower boxes, reinforced floors, pressure-treated floors, and insulated floors.

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