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These come as a boxed shed with all sheets and frames pre-drilled ready for screws and easy step by step instructions ideal for the home handyman. Full internal structural framing Makes the shed stronger and no bolt down brackets required. Wrap around corners Increases shed strength, safer for children and pets, no sharp edges, better appearance and weather protection.

Gable Roof Garden Sheds – A Gable Roof shed is the most traditional of all the sheds.
Oldfield’s Treco Garden Sheds are an Australian owned Shed manufacturer at Campbelltown in South West Sydney with over 50 years experience, Oldfield’s Treco has risen to be one of Australia’s most respected manufacturers of steel Garden Sheds. Whichever Oldfield’s Treco Garden Shed you choose, one thing is certain, you and your family will enjoy a strong, attractive and practical addition to your home for many years to come.

When it comes to quality, Oldfield’s Treco’s unique structural features, superb materials and fine craftsmanship ensures your shed is both strong and durable.

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