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A second wood shed was added so one cord could dry out while the other was burned in the wood stove. Second wood shed needed as this allows one woodshed of seasoned wood to be burned, while the second woodshed can be filled with new wood.
With more people working from home and property prises rising around the world, homeowners lucky enough to have outdoor space are replacing the traditional shed with studios, guest rooms and flexible work spaces. Narrow strips of wood screen both walls and windows at this house in Bavaria by Kuhnlein Architektur, which comprises a pair of connected sheds (+ slideshow). The concrete roofs of two agricultural sheds by Sydney studio CHROFI jut out of stone and gravel banks in a clearing cut into a forest in eastern Australia (+ slideshow).
Hidden at the bottom of a London garden, this glowing shed by British studio Weston, Surman & Deane was designed as a writing retreat for an author (+ slideshow). This six-sided wooden cabin by Estonian designer Jaanus Orgusaar has walls that zigzag up and down and two circular windows resembling fisheye camera lenses (+ slideshow).
Ben Davidson of London studio Rodic Davidson Architects designed this garden shed in Cambridge, England, to the exact proportions of his grandfather's old workbench and added pegboard walls for displaying a collection of handmade tools (+ slideshow). This cluster of wooden cabins in Norway by architecture studio Rever & Drage features a hut with a retractable roof and a pair of sheds that slide open to frame views of a nearby fjord (+ slideshow). This wooden folly cantilevers across a garden lake to create a meditation room and children's play den for a family living in Hampshire, England (+ slideshow). Designed in Hackney: today's project from the London borough of Hackney is the Hackney Shed, a low-budget garden office designed by architects Office Sian. Japanese studio 403architecture constructed the walls of this wooden shed using leftover materials from three earlier projects.

My DH wanted a piece of art in his backyard and something that at first glance did not look as though it were a "chicken coop".  He came up with the design and after tweeking it a few times designed a Japanese Pagoda Style Hen House. Using similar construction and materials to that of a nice garden shed, this nice little studio sized house adds a minimal and well lit element to the the shed style residence. When it comes to choosing a Japanese garden shed your choice can depend on a number of things.
You would however be much better off by creating a basic shed and then doing a complete overhaul of its exterior. If you are really serious about building yourself a Japanese garden shed then you will have to take to traditional carpentry methods and start from scratch. There are basically two notable features in a Japanese garden shed and they are the windows and the roof.
Once this step has been accomplished one can add on the other elements to enhance the shed.
When it comes to the windows of the shed the Shoji design is definitely the most widely used variation. When it comes to the basic building material for a Japanese garden shed wood is the most obvious choice. Jonas Palmius designed this small structure in Okero Sweden protects it’s contents and allows them to dry out through the slated sides, and also makes the wood easily accessible. These designs by Jean Baptiste Fastrez incorporate beautifully hewn wood handles, melded with simple cords and futuristic blowers.
T the construction is a ultra minimal design using two wooden t-shaped verticals with a metal rod spanning the space between them.

Balance is the key element when it comes to Japanese gardens along with which the use of natural elements such as water and rock is promoted. For instance you can take a traditional shed and add to that certain Japanese elements in order to give it that oriental touch.
To take this project in your own hands you ought to know about the science of aesthetics regarding Japanese gardens, namely the openness and space features.
It is the design of the roof that will determine the extent of the Japanese touch on your shed. Despite the fact that wood has its disadvantages such as the vulnerability to catch disease, bugs and rot as compared to plastic or metal, there is no other building material that will be able to give you that traditional Japanese look except for wood. Designed by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates the interior has a great rustic minimalism from the cohesive use of wood.
A Japanese garden shed can give your garden that soothing and harmonious finish that is characteristic of the Japanese style.
If the rest of your garden is totally Japanese style then you wouldn’t want to run down the beauty of your garden with an idea as experimental as this. From demonic masks to scrolls and bells you can use a wide variety of oriental garden shed decoration items. The name derived from the hatchets carried by Native American tribes, applies to the design as well as the element of craft that goes into creating a wood handle.

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