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When building contractor Guy Baker set out to build a weekend cabin for his wife and three boys in Wedowee, Alabama, his goals were quite simple.
Guy and his sons spent five years building the 1,100-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bath house from old wood, tin and other materials that he had collected from 75 Alabama counties.
Aside from the wiring, plumbing, lights and some store-bought rocks for the indoor fireplace, the home is built almost entirely from salvaged materials—which Guy much prefers.

The Baker family built the house without plans or blueprints, following only a vision in Guy’s head. At just 1,100 square feet, the Bakers’ weekend cabin became their main residence after the family spent years building it together. He wanted to build it using the scraps and salvage that he had collected over the years, and he wanted to teach his sons—none of whom had any construction experience—how to build.

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