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They?ve added completely new build options to play with; each part of each roof can be stretched to create numerous heights, curves, and eaves. Start building the outside of the starter home and put wall pattern on the walls because this will cost some money too. Buy the cheapest appliances for the kitchen, you can always upgrade them later on in the game when your Sims have a job.
Place some basic objects you need like a sofa, bookcase or something else that higher your fun needs for your Sims. Place the standard items in the bathroom and put a mirror on the wall, this will help your Sims to reduce negative emotions. Take your time to build the front of the house, this is the most important part if you want to show off your starter house in The Sims 4 Gallery because this is the first thing they will see. You can change the time of the day to change the lighting on your starter house when you want to upload your Starter to The Sims 4 Gallery.

You can pick any building element (such as a wall, stairs, roof, or even a whole room) and stretch it, twist it and move it without having to erase everything and start all over again. Receive updates and Sims news on your Social Media: Follow me on Twitter, Like me on Facebook and add me on Google+.
Our main focus is to help and inspire all The Sims 4 players with unique idea's, tutorials and downloads. This can make it easier to decorate the different rooms with the right furniture and maybe spend some extra money on more expensive furniture to match the houses theme.
Today it's time for the new piece of video that shows how to build a house in The Sims 4 game just in a few clicks.The Sims 4 game promises to be innovative, and the developers are going to provide us with numerous tools for easy and pleasant play. Foundations were always a problem if you wanted to add them later on or attach them to your house.
Browse the section “Styled Rooms” in the Build Mode and select bathrooms, bedrooms and plenty of other rooms already built and furnished.

Now you have more control over the placement of wall objects such as windows and TV’s (and your Sims will stretch their necks to see the television you hung so very high on the wall). This is so much fun to play with and it helps to make buildings more realistic and to make it more unique. In the previous The Sims 4 trailer, the EA representative showed us how to create two adorable sims - Bella and Mortimer, - and this time he described the building of their house.According to the latest The Sims 4 trailer, you need only several clicks to build a cozy home. Watch the latest The Sims 4 trailer and stick it in your memory:The Sims 4 game will be available this autumn for the PC owners, and already today, you can pre-order the project from the official site.

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