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Many of these involve creating separate, fully furnished buildings that include everything from sinks to beds, and are big enough to provide accommodation for a teenager or two, but small enough to fit in a garden without the need for planning permission. This means I can’t do any more work on it today. Shortly after midday, the main structure for the house arrives in the back of a lorry and I unload 16, 6ft-tall wall panels and about 200 individual pieces of wood. After all you can’t just plonk it down in the middle of a roundabout or on the local village green. Many of the people Mark supplies his buildings to are keen to live entirely ‘off-grid’ — in other words to be self-sufficient and take nothing from the utility companies. To do this I would need to install a solar system on the roof to provide electricity and then add water tanks and the like. It's as though I'm in the middle of some sort of 'Man Challenge', in which my macho credentials are being tested and secretly filmed.I half expect Ulrika Jonsson to appear, Gladiatorsstyle, and quiz me on how I'm getting on.

8AM: Seeing the shed laid out in all its glory I wonder whether there might be some planning implications to this endeavour. I look out of the window at the Helsinki - the acres of untreated white wood I built yesterday give off an almost radioactive glow in the early morning sun.
My mini-house might not be particularly sophisticated, but I have built something with walls and a roof, in which my family could conceivably shelter in a disaster, and feel quite chuffed with myself. I start fixing the glass in the windows. My chest is now perpetually puffed out with manly pride. I invite Charlotte and the girls in for a look around, and can’t help but feel chuffed as they coo over how ‘cute’ it is. While Argos states that 'its 44mm tongue-and-groove wall boarding provides additional strength, insulation and resilience to cope with extended year-round use' both they and the manufacturers, Finnforest, admit that in its current state it wouldn't meet certain building regulations, such as insulation.

Of course, that could be rectified easily enough, but a quick glance at my local authority's website indicates that the shed route might be easier to negotiate as they can be erected without permission under certain circumstances. The shingles are designed to look like individual tiles and once completed the building looks more like a house than any shed I've ever seen. He's been chosen primarily, of course, for his skills as a lensman, but by fortunate coincidence he also happens to be built like a rugby prop forward.

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