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Luxury wooden garden gazebos, perfect for outdoor parties & entertaining or just a relaxing retreat. If you are keen to make your own design statement and paint your new addition yourself, this can be a fun DIY project over a weekend.
Many of our customers choose a garden building because they love the outdoors or want to reduce their carbon footprint by working from home. For log cabins, sheds, summerhouses or garden offices supplied ready for painting, you need to get to work within three months of assembly to protect your warranty. However, if the timber has not been factory pre-treated against insect or fungal decay, then a clear preservative treatment MUST be applied first.
Protect the surrounding fences, walls and ground with dust sheets, especially if you plan to use a paint sprayer. Paint can be applied with a brush, or for a larger building a paint sprayer is a more practical option. As with painting indoors, plan your time, start at the top and work downwards, and work out where you can pause without creating a visible edge, such as at the corner of a building or behind a guttering down-pipe.

Registered Office: Trowbridge Garden Centre, 288 Frome Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0DT. An early but key design objective was to refine the boundary with a  solution which would feature clean lines and yet be discreet and compliment the proposed planting scheme and new site layout. The garden shed was relocated from the sunniest corner to the most shaded corner. The paint is a exterior `Micro porous ` paint , meaning it allows timber to breathe, if water gets in to the timber it can also get out & dry. It makes sense that they look for an environmentally sound choice of paint which will also offer a healthy place to work or play. If you are doing your own finish, it’s vital to coat end-grains of timber such as under doors, to prevent water soaking in. Paint performance and drying will be impaired below 10 degrees C (50 degrees F), and paint applied to wood that’s already wet will blister and flake later. Your neighbours won’t thank you for covering their prized Azalea in bright blue paint! Pressure treated timber cladding was used on both the left and right hand boundaries and pressure treated trellis panels (for additional height and screening) were used on rear wall.

Traditionally, paints and treatments for outdoor wood were solvent-based, but this is no longer the only option. Over time, water-based paints tend to discolour less than solvent-based, and as your timber experiences natural movement due to changes in moisture levels through the seasons, these paints flex with the wood rather than splitting and cracking.
Next, protect windows with newspaper and masking tape, especially if you plan to use a paint sprayer. To achieve a more coherent background look, all timbers including Garden Shed were painted, in this instance a dark green.

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