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My guru for this project is Rodale’s Eric Hurlock, Associate Online Editor for Organic Gardening.
And then I had to find a way to fill the box with soil without ending up with a billion plastic bags.
This entry was posted in Borrow - Share - Rent, DIY, gardening supplies and tagged bulk soil, how to build a raised bed, plastic-free garden soil, plastic-free gardening on May 11, 2011 by Beth Terry. GuestKelly S.4 years 3 months agoWe used newspaper as a weed block on the top surface of our garden this year.
I was reading the question about melons for cooler climates, and was wondering about black plastic. A couple of things -- first, I use the 6 mil black plastic sheeting, it holds up far longer than the 4 mil, about 3 years versus one.
The other thing about black plastic is that you MUST anchor it well -- it's surprising how it can blow up in the wind if you don't.
I actually find that the plastic holds the moisture in so well that it actually lowers how much I have to water.
I have been raising melons, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and more, using six mil or thicker black plastic since the nineteen seventies.
Knowing that I write the blog My Plastic-free Life, she thought the topic of gardening with less plastic might be interesting to me and my readers.

First, I sent him photos of my postage stamp front yard, the only space available for a garden.
For an organic garden, secondhand wood would not work because it might have been treated with toxic chemicals in its previous life, and we’d have no way of knowing. Cut up the plastic into 2A? x 4 sheets instead of solid strips which need drip irrigation..
I have my main 110 x 100 foot, my smaller 80 x 60 foot, and my little 20 x 40 foot gardens all covered in it, and many of my other various beds and borders have it underneath mulch. I try to drill a couple of rows of holes about three inches apart on EACH side of the box, so that, when unrolled, the plastic has little holes about every 3 inches.
I buy the landscape fabric pegs and use a lot of those around the edges and a few staggered throughout the width of the plastic, and also use rocks, logs, etc., as weight around the edges at first. Even though I ran soaker hoses under the plastic along the planted rows, the only time I had to give them any water was the weekend I planted!
My DH is bent on using the 6ml black plastic over the ENTIRE garden, and I'm not entirely thrilled with the idea, but glad to see that it's not a lunatic idea. However, I want to clarify a bit for folks who are new to growing with plastic mulch in large sheets. Next I have these old chimney blocks I put around the transplants to protect them from the plastic lifting and decapitating them.

This year was great for rain where I was, but don't make the mistake of overwatering if you're using black plastic. I'm thinking this year, if'n there's any merit in actually USING the red, if putting it on top of the black plastic would be of any use. The weeds grew right through it, and it was a btch to get out of the garden at the end of the season. I did one year plant a butternut squash in a spot of the garden where I had kept my movable cold frame all spring, and it did very well in the warmed up soil. I think if I try melons next year I'll use one of my cold frames and then I can move it off when it warms up, and maybe put some plastic around the plants before they start to run. Rodale would teach me how to grow an organic garden, and I would figure out how to do it with the minimum plastic possible. Yep, the wheelbarrow is plastic, but according to my plastic-free rules, borrowing and sharing durable plastic goods, instead of buying new, is not just allowed, it’s encourage.

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