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This free download from Popular Woodworking is your guide to essential cabinet making techniques. Free woodworking plans and projects instructions to build entertainment centers, television cabinets and home furniture storage ideas. In building a bookcase, woodworkers use the same basic principles they would use when building cabinets. When you get into the details of how to build a bookcase, you’ll discover dozens of joinery options. Because we’re all woodworkers here at Popular Woodworking, we generate a huge amount of valuable woodworking information that we cannot possibly cram into the printed magazine.

Bookcases can be built with one of these assorted bookcase plans according to your requirements. This set of free bookcase plans stems from a furniture project that went into my home office. Get our free bookcase plans – “Bookcase Plan Combo Pack.” This valuable e-book will tell you everything you need to know about building bookcases, including complete plans for 6 styles! Learn how to build a solid box, and you’ll be ready to build a bookcase you’ve always wanted.
Bookcase plans like ours will open your eyes to a world of larger possibilities in home improvement and furniture design. Our editors simplify those options by focusing on biscuit joinery – a fast and easy way to line up all the boards in your project and get on with the gluing and screwing.

But our free bookcase plans are better, and that’s important when you are building something that will last a long time.
So the newsletter and community are both great places for us to share what we know with you. We teach you 3 secrets for how to build built-in bookcases: French cleats, fitting strips and scribe stiles.
Once you’re done building a bookcase, you can fill it with all the colorful, entertaining books that have been sitting on your floor.

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