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Our dog houses were designed in consultation with veterinarians and K-9 handlers to meet the needs of a wide range of dogs and owners. This is why our dog house plans have a slightly sloped roof, that is on hinges, which makes cleaning and accessibility to the inside of the dog house very easy. Our dog houses are presently in use throughout many different countries all over the world, such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, and across the United States. All our dog house plans come with the instructions for an optional outside kennel attachment.
Our 2 dog and 3 dog house plans arose from the requirements of K-9 handlers who needed more than one K-9 with different skills for different kinds of work, yet wanted to keep the dogs in one place. So, if you have one, two, or three dogs, these versatile tested and proven dog house plans are what you require to meet both your needs and your pets needs.
We got such a huge response from the above photo on our facebook page – I just had to dig a bit deeper and find out if there is any plans.
However, there’s still tons of great free dog house plans out there that are similar to the above. Building a dog house is a project that most people will be able to accomplish, as long as they have fairly basic DIY skills. Round the edges of the four 6″ pieces of timber you cut before, these are the legs of the dog house.
Hi I would love to have the plans for that amazing dog house on the top of page thank you ! Hi there I was just wondering if there is anyway of getting the plans for the big wooden shelter with the German Shepard in it at the top of the page. Our COMPLETE DOGHOUSE PLAN Catalog, PLUS FREE WOODWORKING PLANS, Immediate Download ACCESS!! Whether your dog is a working dog, or a member of your family, these are the best dog house plans you can find.
To see more customer testimonials for our wonderful law enforcement dog houses, click here.
The wind wall breaks the wind and creates a smaller space inside the dog house that your K-9 or K-9's can easily warm with there own body heat. Our dog house plans have the houses slightly elevated off the ground, keeping the floor safe from moisture. If you already have an existing kennel, these plans allow you to attach the dog house to the outside of the kennel.

These free dog house plans allow you to build quite a professional looking dog house that you can be proud of. This guide will look at the simple dog house because it’s a good beginners house anyone should be able to build.
Then the wooden dog house can either be painted or stained to weatherproof it and make sure it lasts for as long as possible. We have 12 week german shepherd and are looking for dog house her and I think Rylee would love the above dog house.
We have large dog house plans, small dog house plans, multiple dog dog house plans and they are all DIY dog house plans. These dogs are used for such things as bomb detecting, drug searches, crown control, tracking, detecting human remains, detecting fish and wild game, and detecting arson fires. With these plans all three dogs have one sleeping area behind the removable wind wall in the cold weather, or the entire house when the weather is warmer and the wind wall is removed.
Building dog houses with these styles of roofs is an ideal place for wasps, hornets, and other types of insects or animals to congregate and build their nests. It is imperative that your dog house is sized to match your K-9 's, so he or she sleeps in a space small enough that he or she is able to heat. Using this method you will still give your K-9's the full use of the kennel area, and also allow them to have the best dog house available. With a hammer, square, handsaw (or skillsaw), a jigsaw, and a drill, you will have all the tools you need to construct your dog house. This model has two doors and a removable wind wall for each K-9, with an additional center partition wall to keep the dogs separated. At present we have designed houses for pot bellied pigs, goats, tortoises, cats, chickens, Mini Horses,etc.
When cutting the opening make sure it’s only just large enough for your dog to fit inside.
Once your have purchased your plans we are always available by email or phone to answer any of your concerns.
With this type of time and investment involved in these dogs, handlers wanted the best house available for their partner. This means that all walls can be removed from the dog house so your dogs will be able to be together, or be separated completely with each dog having their own space. All these houses are very well built and structurally sound to give your pet the utmost comfort in any weather conditions.

Our dog houses are used by in housing all kinds of highly trained canines in areas such as bomb detecting, narcotics, and forensics, as well as search dogs for tracking and crowd control. Paint or stain the outside whatever color you or your K-9's would like, or, build the deluxe version and surround the outside of the dog house in attractive tongue and groove pine, for the look of a stained, natural wood exterior. This center wall is also removable in case your dogs solve their dispute or you want to house a different pair of dogs in the future. While looking simple it still looks beautiful and is a practical place for your dog to take shelter from the elements.
If you have any questions or concerns before you order; such as knowing the proper size house for your dog or dogs, or perhaps you need custom dog house plans due to special circumstances, just send us an email.
There are many dog house building plans on the market today, but with our experience and years in designing and building, these dog house plans by far surpass the expectations of a unique doghouse. These dog house plans are used primarily by owners whose dogs have disputes or don't want to share their sleeping quarters.
Many city departments, Ontario Provincial Police, State Police, Fire Marshals, Natural Resources, Border and Customs Officers, and Private Security Agencies, use our dog houses. This small task creates ample air flow for your K-9's and even though the roof is raised, this cannot be detected if you're looking at the dog house. The roof is slanted, so water drains away on rainy days, but is still flat enough, so that your K-9's can keep watch, or take a nap on top of the dog house, when the weather is suitable.
Step by step instructions for building both the regular dog house and the deluxe dog house are included with each set of dog house plans, for the size and model you choose.
It’s also possible to make changes to the design and paint different colors to create a unique dog house.
Whether you have a professional service K-9 valued at thousands of dollars or, a working dog, hunting dog or herding dog, or a family pet who watches over the yard, this would be the best and most proven dog house that you could have, to protect your K-9 in all weather conditions. You will be so proud of what you have accomplished in building one of our dog houses, and we offer a customer page full of pictures as proof of our very many happy dogs with their new homes.

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