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This easy-to-build entry gate makes your side yard look inviting and extends your home's curb appeal. Cut a 4"×4" for the beam (C) and secure the beam so the top of the beam is 9" down from the top of the arbor posts. To lay out the arched arbor top, mark the arc end points and arc center points where shown and drive a screw at each end point. Back up on the arbor post, slip the newly assembled arbor top over the posts so it rests on the spacers, centering the rails on the post. Arbors are versatile garden structures that can provide a psychological transition point from one area to another, a quiet space for a relaxing pause or an aesthetic backdrop for plantings.
A homeowner can build a basic arched arbor using 4-by-4-inch lumber for posts and ripped 1-by-6-inch lumber to construct a lattice between the posts and between the arches that sit on top of the posts. An arbor with a pergola-style flat top can be constructed in much the same way as an arch-top arbor.

Rustic arbors make use of available materials such as saplings, pruned brush and fallen tree branches rather than manufactured lumber. A quick do-it-yourself arbor project makes use of prefabricated elements to construct an arbor structure. Now measure the depth of the arbor postholes from grade to gravel and add 96" to determine the overall length of the 4"x6". To help keep the posts parallel and plumb, measure the distance between the arbor posts at ground level.
Cut the gate rails (M) 7" longer than the distance between the arbor post, and temporarily secure to the post where shown. Attach the hinges to the gate panel using the screws provided and secure to the arbor post.
Arbors are also among the simplest of garden structures, and a basic arbor is a project well within the reach of most do-it-yourself builders.

The design of a rustic arbor can be essentially the same as that of a manufactured arbor, with posts supporting an arched or flat top and lattice, but the exact design and dimensions of the structure will be dictated by the availability of materials. The project begins with small prefabricated arch-top arbors that are joined together with 1-by-2 lumber to create a wider structure; when this is done, the space between the small arbors, rather than the space under the arches, becomes the pathway through the arbor. The top of the arbor is formed by members that connect the posts at the sides of the arbor and perpendicular members that span between the posts over the top of the arbor; these perpendicular members are notched to fit over the side members, interlocking to hold the arbor sides in place. The builder can then enclose the arches with lattice panels to form an enclosed space under the arbor.

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