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If you don’t want the dog to sleep beside you or you fear that it would disturb you sleep you should consider making or getting a pallet dog house. Many people in western countries consider keeping a dog as their pet because they believe dogs brings them luck. You would want something big and wide where the air could go through and sunshine can come during the day, same goes for the dog house.
They take care of dogs as if it is a family member of their house and provide the proper food and stuff necessary for the dogs.

It can be decorated with paint and different designs, but it should be wide from inside so that the dog doesn’t feel suffocated in it. Pallet dog houses are best for dogs because you don’t have to spend a lot in it but get the clean pallets from somewhere and start working on it. As dogs need proper food to survive, they need shelter as well and that can be given to them by having a pallet dog house for them. If you want you can keep the pallet dog house inside your house too and take care of the dog as well, but giving a dog its own house would be the best thing an owner can do for its dog.

Pallet dog house are easy to make and they prevent the dogs from staying under the cold weather.

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