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Barrington11-03-2012, 07:02 PMAs I understand it, that is a 'bridge' crane and the rolling elements are termed 'endtrucks'.
NzOldun11-03-2012, 08:37 PMOk, finally got around doing the cad work for my DIY gantry crane. The design of Overhead Travelling Cranes, (OHT cranes) is usually done in accordance with a given National Standard (think ASME, BSS et.
I have built a few sliding doors using steel v wheels (on glass furnaces) and one has problems with them coming off the tracks, I would be careful with this on a crane.

BigJohnT11-05-2012, 07:29 AMThe bridge cranes used in the local industrial park have two important design details I see lacking in your original design, multiple vertical supports (short span between posts and the trucks ride on top) and they use the building structure to stabilize the post and beam part.
A similar arrangement scaled up to suit application for a bridge crane will prevent the beam and trolleys from racking on the tracks. Black Forest11-08-2012, 12:51 AMThe style of the carrying cart is almost identical to the 2 ton crane in the link that was posted earlier. Cranes mean suspended weights overhead and when they fail it's usually disastrous, damaging property and equipment if not lives.

Also most bridge cranes are designed with a deflection limit a fraction of the beam's ultimate bending load.

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