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Dear Rod, I just wanted to thank you so much for publishing the ideas on your website for building a simple garden bridge using 2" by 12" by 12 ft long stringers. Here it is May 7th, 2009 and I built a new 8 foot bridge for our pond from these wonderful plans I found on your site. I built my bridge over this past summer and I wanted to show you and maybe you can use my photos to further promote your web site. I found all sorts of bridges on my internet search, and this was by far the simplest and prettiest! My daughter and I purchased the materials on a Saturday morning and had the bridge finished in place on Sunday evening. My fiance is a manufacturing engineer so he was looking into building one, but as we have no experience with building bridges and on your page it looked like people were allowed to ask questions I figured I would give it a shot.

Yes, if you are using Redwood you should seal your bridge, especially since you live in Co. Your easy to understand instructions enabled me to construct a beautiful 8 foot garden bridge to go with our newly landscaped yard. I built the 8 foot bridge out of treated 2x12x8 (2) and deck planking cut to a width of 30". It's just a one day thing so we are wanting to build a safe bridge for walking and picture taking, but don't want to break the bank. The supplies for the bridge, with 4 sets of posts and rope cost under $100 (that makes my labor worth about 5 cents an hour.
I am in the process of re-doing my Japanese Garden, the former owners of my house took the original bridge and for years had no bridge until I seen your web site and instructions.

My Japanese garden looked so bare, Now with the bridge next to my pond, it looks more complete. I have included a few pictures for you from a series of pictures that I did all along through the building process.

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