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DEAR BRIAN: It is going to be very difficult in this short column to teach you how to build a shed.
Once you have learned you can build the shed in compliance with all laws, then make a decision if the shed will have a wood floor or a concrete slab. When you frame your shed walls, use ordinary framing lumber but always use a treated lumber bottom plate. When you decide on doors to get into and out of your storage shed, give a hard look at smaller overhead garage doors. Ask the Builder is a FREE weekly newsletter that offers building information you can trust from award-winning builder and nationally syndicated columnist Tim Carter. As I looked for leaf-raking tools in the debris field formally known as my garage, I realized I need a storage shed. There are hundreds of individual steps involved and some of the most important are in simply planning your storage shed.

I have built sheds both ways, and feel one with a wood floor works well if you build it using the right materials. In case water does get into the shed, this treated lumber bottom wall plate helps resist wood rot.
Everyone who see the six-foot-wide metal overhead garage door in my garden shed marvels at it. You run electric to the shed in an underground conduit per NEC specs and get the entire electric installation inspected. I went out and looked at different outdoor storage sheds at dealers and home centers, but I want to build my own. For example, you may want to talk with your wife and build both a combination storage shed and garden shed at the same time.
For example, where I live the building department is not concerned with sheds that are under a certain square footage.

If you want your storage shed to be problem-free for years, you need to make sure it has a great foundation that will not move. For a simple outdoor shed, you may only have to dig four 16-inch diameter holes for the entire foundation. This way any water that drips from tractors, tools or other things will not cause any damage to the shed flooring structure. Out-of-square foundations or floors will cause you fits through the entire building process.

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