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Also, it may just be me, but I think this might be a fun arbor to build at a slightly larger scale for a wedding or a reception…  !
Cut out all the pieces according to the dimensions above, or change them as needed to fit your space.
We decided to install the garden arbor over the path that entered into our box garden area, right off the patio. Once that is all cut out, take that initial piece and use it as a template for the other three arch pieces. Once all the arch pieces are in place, clamp the back horizontal supports into their proper place. Here are all the bolts in place, with the washers next to the wood and the nuts on the inside of the arbor.

Once it is anchored on top, help the mesh to follow the arch until it reaches the side cross braces, and secure the wire mesh to those braces. To customize it to fit your space, you’ll just basically need to take the dimensions from the gothic arch piece and shorten it from the center.
I recommend saving and printing the plan image of the arched piece at actual size (using the poster printing settings on your printer, if available).
Just this afternoon I was thinking how much I would love an arbor for a lipstick vine to climb, and tonight I happen upon your wonderful blog and this amazingly detailed post! And obviously the top horizontal piece will be shorter by the difference between your opening and ours.
Then in the center of the board, cut a perpendicular line and then overlap the piece until the straight edges measure half of the width of your opening, like the very rough sketch below.

There's a tutorial for constructing your own photobooth backdrop that would be a good starting point I think. I was about to add that I can't put it in the ground since we are renting the venue, but it's going to be inside a pavilion so there isn't anywhere to really archor it.

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