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Apply glue to the bottom of the feed bin and clamp in position, centered on the platform length, and with the sides flush. Stand up the two side assemblies and position the front L and back M on the feed bin sides.
Set the now-assembled feed bin on the platform with the sides flush and the feed bin centered on the platform (Final Assembly).
Our photos walk you through as you learn how to build a bird feeder with a rustic thatched top.Print By Eric SmithWith so many different kinds of bird feeders available these days, there’s certainly something out there to suit any style. Step 2Cut the sides of the feeder from a 2x4 and the roof, top brace and feeder tray from a 1x6. Step 6Screw or nail on half branches around the perimeter of the feeder tray to keep the feed in place.
More Backyard ProjectsHomemade PVC Bird FeederCreate this whimsical PVC Bird Feeder for hummingbirds with materials you can find at your local hardware and craft stores. Tomato Cage DIY Bird FeederRecycle an old tomato cage into a DIY bird feeder that will have you attracting birds for less. Soda Bottle Homemade Bird FeederLearn how to make a bird feeder using a soda bottle and a chicken feeder base. Instead of a dowel or stick as a perch, you could glue an aluminum pie plate to the bottom of your milk jug feeder.

Different species of birds have different preferences, so you might have to try putting the feeder in several locations to find one that birds like best.
If the plastic of the jug becomes brittle (this can happen in time), replace the feeder with a new one. If you are doing this project with children, make sure to help them with the cutting and puncturing. Lay out the height of the front G and back H, then mark the angle cuts for three side parts of the feed bin. If you’re looking for a feeder that’s rustic but still cozy and fun, try this thatch-topped design.
If you want your milk jug bird feeder to have a perch for birds to stand on as they eat, then you can use a dowel or stick to easily add one. This can give birds something to perch on as they feed.[4] If you use a pie plate, you do not need to punch the small holes in the sides of the jug.
Then feed string or ribbon through the hole, and tie a knot on the inside of the cap so that the string won’t slip through. Decorating your milk jug bird feeder isn’t a necessary step, but it can add personality and fun to the project. Choose a location where you can easily reach the jug to refill it with food when necessary.[12] Try hanging the feeder from a low tree branch, a post, or other place that is accessible to you and to birds.

You’ll want to choose a place to hang your feeder that allows you to see it and to enjoy watching the birds eat. Check out the great selection at Lowe's for feed specifically made for the birds in your region.
While it’s a little more challenging than some of our beginner designs, we’ve got plenty of photos to walk you through the process. How often you need to do this will depend on the type and number of birds that visit your feeder, and the weather in your area. Make sure to leave some of the material dangling to use later when you hang the feeder (the exact length depends on where you will hang the feeder).
She’s proud of having started so many new topics, and she says it’s fun helping to make wikiHow grow bit by bit each day. You can draw a circle, a semi-circle, square, or any other shape that a bird could enter to reach food inside the feeder.

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