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The Lean-to is an open faced camping shelter found throughout the Adirondack Park back-country areas and along the Appalachian Trail. Lean-tos are built mostly by hand with chainsaws and chisels and the logs are assembled using a scribe notching technique that results in a very tight fit of joints and allows the use of the entire length of logs.
New York State maintained lean-tos are open to any and all comers up to the marked capacity of the shelter. On the other hand, lean-to’s aren’t particularly warm – even if you close off the open side with a tarp.
In the past 12 years of winter camping only once have we encountered a lean-to in use by others.  On Martin Luther King weekend in 1997 at the popular John Pond lean-to in the Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area  a boy scout troop had hiked in before us and were staying at the lean-to, so we tented. WhiteBlaze, a forum dedicated to the Appalachian Trail, has aforum devoted to Shelters & Lean-tos where users share their shelter experiences and discuss issues related to shelters of lean-tos from Georgia to Maine.

The spreadsheet has two pages: one that has all the lean-tos listed in alphabetical order and one that lists them by the management unit in which they reside. WildRiver stated “There is no regulation compelling lean-to users to share the shelters with latecomers. Finally, there is always the added benefit of reading the lean-to register for entertainment as captured in No Place I’d Rather Be: Wit and Wisdom from Adirondack Lean-tos by Stuart Mesinger.
Adirondack Mountain Club’s Adopt a Lean-to program began in 1985 with the approval of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Lean2Rescue – a group of hard-working hikers, climbers, hunters, skiers, paddlers, and all-around good people – have restored, rehabilitated and rescued more than 30 of these Adirondack icons since 2004.
As is the case at other campsites, you may not stay at a lean-to for more than three consecutive nights without a free DEC permit.

Adopting a lean-to does not entail major reconstruction work, and adopters do not need to be ADK members. These Finnish lean-tos serve as temporary housing for people on hiking, camping or fishing expeditions out in the wilderness. Most of the work is carried out using non-motorized tools and vehicles, and the bulk of the building material is carried into the woods via canoe, portage carts, and human pack mules.
And perhaps most impressive of all, Lean2Rescue operates year-round, not even breaking for the harsh Adirondack winters.

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