According to the ASPCA’s Poison Control Center, more dogs than ever are being poisoned by products containing xylitol. What is very unnerving however, is that xylitol is being added to many pediatric medicines that our veterinarians use to treat our dogs with.
Now it would be easy to say that all dog owners should speak to their vets about xylitol and carefully read all ingredient labels before purchasing products, yet it seems that will still not solve the problem. It appears that not all consumer product manufacturers are willing to list xylitol on their ingredient labels.
Kenn’s mission with the Dog Files is to let the world know that dog’s deserve our love, care and respect. Many dogs can eat a few chocolate chips without getting hurt, but you’re playing with fire.
All I know is, If this artificial sweetener is harmful to dogs, it probaly isn’t super great for people, either. Raisins and grapes can cause anemia, but the main thing they cause that can kill your dog is kidney failure.
My moms dog got into the Halloween candy we left out for tricker treaters- ate a few bags of Reeses cups wraps and all, and was fine. I am against all artificial sweeteners and I wish companies would quit adding it to stuff just to sell it. I used to give my sisters dog part of my hershey’s bar every day for the years we lived together. Many years ago, our son dumped some old chocolate candy in his trashcan and our small Scottie got into it.
Last year I wrote that xylitol was becoming more common in household products since it can reduce calorie intake.
To make things worse, I recently learned that xylitol is being included in some specialty brands of peanut butter.
Please spread the word so that we can make sure no dog is accidentally affected by xylitol poisoning! Xylitol has minimal impact on blood sugar, so it’s a great option for people with diabetes and hypoglycemia. Its antifungal properties are due to the fact that yeast cannot metabolize xylitol, so it doesn’t feed the fungus– it kills it! Xylitol is easy to replace in almost any recipe because it has the same sweetness of sugar.
As I said before, the awesome thing with xylitol is that it reduces carbohydrate cravings and helps to curb binge eating, unlike sugar’s addicting effects that keeps me wanting more and more! The trick with xylitol is to integrate it into your diet slowly and to realize that everything needs to be done in moderation….

Oh good, I’m glad there are some options out there for me to use as healthy low glycemic sweeteners. Connect with KristinThanks for visiting Eating with Purpose (EWP), where you'll find real life solutions to eating real food, made easy!
That’s partly because xylitol use is more widespread than ever and also because of low awareness of its harmfulness among pet owners.
A few sugar-free Tic Tacs, a pack of Trident gum, a spilled tin of Starbucks mints, a sugar-free Jell-O dessert cup. Let’s keep human food away from our dogs for now, keep your eyes on the ingredient listings and always question your vet about drugs you have to give your dogs. Hence why when you go to gourmet pet shops and see the homemade treats that have chocolate on the dog cookie is dark. Milk chocolate is a more diluted form of chocolate and therefore has less theobromine (the ingredient in chocolate that makes it toxic). Obviously a smaller dog is susceptible to smaller amounts, but a little chocolate will not harm your dog. I’m a veterinarian, and any sized dog could be adversely affected by multiple pounds of dark chocolate.
Not saying to let your dog do it, but saying milk chocolate will not harm them as much as dark chocolate. My yorkie used to sneak into my pocketbook all the time to eat my gum and nothing ever happened but this was some ?? In an ongoing survey by Preventative Vet, over 50 percent of respondents weren't aware of xylitol or the danger it poses to dogs. This includes weakness, lethargy, loss of coordination, seizures, vomiting, and rapid breathing. I always knew to be careful with sugar free gum, but the sweetener has been popping up in cookies, cough drops, toothpaste, cosmetics, and mouthwash. This is alarming because many people use peanut butter to fill Kongs or to make dog treats. When your insulin levels are stable you are much less likely to crave sweet foods, so it helps to put an end to sugar cravings and addictions. It also has beneficial effects on the metabolism, which is ideal for those of us who want to lose excess body fat.
Yes, I know I told you to stay away from corn at all costs, but the corncob is actually the only part of corn that is anti-fungal.
All it takes is just a tiny amount of this toxin to send a dog into hypoglycemia-induced seizures and sometimes fatal liver failure.
Just like some people can eat bad things for their health, and not ever become ill, and some eat healthy, and are seriously ill.

In fact, I would expect all but the largest dogs to die or at least require hospitalization if they ate even a single pound of dark chocolate.
I’ve not heard of xylitol ever being associated with being a danger to dogs, though the chocolate everyone is talking about has.
In many cases, this sweetener can be even more toxic than chocolate (the picture above shows a dangerous amount of dark chocolate compared to the number of xylitol-containing sugar free gum pieces that could be deadly).
Currently no major brand is affected, but this highlights the need to be vigilant in checking the ingredients on the products we use. Actually, our bodies naturally produce small amounts daily.  The body does not process it like sugar, which leads to its many health benefits. Even though this is true, I always try to use half xylitol and half stevia in all my recipes. So just make sure that the brand you buy is non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) and you’re good to go! It's important to note that xylitol can be listed on labels as sugar alcohols, which encompasses many different sugar alcohols, including xylitol.
Xylitol helps to maintain a steady trickle of energy, keeping us satisfied longer and decreasing the urge to overeat.
It actually destroys streptococci (a bacteria that causes strep throat, bacterial pneumonia and meningitis) in the mouth and in the intestines. Unabsorbed xylitol acts like dietary fiber, helping to maintain healthy gut function, which so many have challenges with. Both xylitol nose spray and xylitol throat spray are staples in my alternative medicine cabinet! Eating too much all at once when your body is not used to it can have a laxative effect -causing gas, bloating or stomach cramping. Any reproduction of the contents of this website is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of Kristin Kons. There will be other uninformed people, as you’ve demonstrated, passing around bogus information. Xylitol is most widely known for improving oral health; reducing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and helping to build enamel back up. I like to view this as a benefit because it helps me to limit my intake of sweets, having just 1 or 2 cookies instead of 4 or 5, for example. It has been shown to reduce the incidence of tooth decay by up to 80%, now I’d say that’s pretty significant!

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