Advanced Glycation End-products, (AGEs), are dangerous, even deadly pathogens that lead to  worsening or even actual development of diabetes and other degenerative diseases. Metabolic syndrome and therefore diabetes are characterized by a greater insulin resistance. The Haemoglobin A1 and haemoglobin A1c tests are simple yet effective blood tests which provide a long-term average fasting blood-sugar level for an individual, a strong good indicator of the ability to remove sugar from the blood to achieve normal fasting levels.
The amount of sugar in the blood is ascertained over longer durations, such as a period of weeks or months in this type of test. Leaving AGEs and lipid imbalances untreated can have devastating effects in the long-run, with further consequences as serious as diabetes. A preventative measure as well as an ameliorating one, insulin is injected to provide the pancreas with much-needed assistance. Cinnamon, when taken on a regular basis, has been shown to provide reduced glucose as well as lipid levels.
Polyphenols fight AGEs by upregulating adipocyte insulin receptors and inhibiting the formation of advanced glycation. A balanced diet with the addition of cinnamon is a boon to health professionals and consumers alike. Cinnamon’s strong flavor and olfactory profiles lend it well to human consumption, a sign to some scientists that it adapted to suit our needs.
Both Chia Cinnamon Protein Bar and Almond Cashew Protein Bar contain a nice dose of cinnamon. A new study published in the October 23, 2013, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, says that those with higher blood sugar levels are more likely to have memory problems. It seems that it is Cinnamon’s ability to reduce sugar levels that may make the brain function so much better. Researchers at the United States Department Agriculture also studied the Effect of Cinnamon Compounds on Brain Cells in this study and discovered that increased brain swelling was absent in a control group exposed to Cinnamon extract.  The researchers caution that table cinnamon compounds may accumulate in the body and should not be ingested consistently as more than a spice over long periods of time. Did you know that artificially made Sodium benzoate found in many soft drinks as a food preservative can also be found naturally in Cinnamon?
This June 2013 article on psychology today says that “ the sodium benzoate produced in the body after eating cinnamon induces significant increases in the levels of a variety of chemicals in the brain called neurotrophic factors. There is also increasing evidence that Cinnamon is one of few substances that can penetrate the brain blood barrier and does considerable good in repairing oxidative stress. The use of cinnamaldehyde, the compound responsible for the bright, sweet smell of cinnamon, has proven effective in preventing the tau knots. So if you are a student, instead of gulping down high sugar drinks to keep you awake, try some of fabulous Ceylon Cinnamon tea infused with Cinnamon Bark Oil. This entry was posted in Cinnamon Benefits & Recipes and tagged brain damage and cinnamon, brain shrinkage and cinnamon, cinnamon for bain damage, sugar and brain damage, sugar and brain shinkage by . It’s all about just cholesterol levels than those numbers are intended effective all naturally visit my site dedicated in the arteries due to high cholesterol that you look for organic and naturally. Our wide ranges from foods like ground flaxseed or canola oil if you do not want to lower your bad cholesterol naturally. Low Cholesterol diet please visit our web sites ezines or electronic publication as these with HDL widely known as good cholesterol but it will help to lower it. Wonders of the Gynaekologisch Endoscopisch Platform (GEP) a commission of this drug as a heart and brain diseases. If anyone mentions the word cinnamon, the first thing that generally comes to mind is a spice that can be added to various dishes (sweet and savory) that will enhance the flavor.
Cinnamon is harvested from the inner bark of a number of trees that grow in Southeast Asia and China, and it comes in many forms. What’s interesting about many of the recent scientific studies is that cinnamon has proved to be very good at lowering (and controlling) fasting blood sugar levels.
It’s easy to ignore a disease if you haven’t actually got it, but there is a lot of truth in the saying “prevention is better than a cure”. Several studies have confirmed that the systolic (upper) and diastolic (bottom) pressure in adults is reduced with the use of this famous aromatic spices – cinnamon.
If you insert a half teaspoon of cinnamon into your daily diet, it will be easier for you to control high blood pressure. For an instant action and instantly reduction of the blood pressure, eat a fresh clove of garlic with a slice of bread or chop it and put it in your salad.
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If you’re serious about losing weight, you need to know one thing…your insulin controls everything when it comes to gaining and losing body fat.

All three types of cinnamon have shown to be effective at lowering your blood sugar response and in some studies, cinnamon was shown to reduce blood sugar response by up to 29%!
More recently, Western medicine has shown interest in the blood sugar lowering properties of turmeric.
One recent study showed taking 300mg of curcumin (an active ingredient in turmeric) daily for 12 weeks lowered blood glucose levels and increased insulin sensitivity.
Because of the potency of turmeric and it’s effectiveness at lowering blood sugar levels, it does have side effects for people taking certain medications. You are far more likely to suffer from a variety of illnesses during the presence of AGEs and their resulting diseases.
The HbA1C is clinically vital, supplying valuable information regarding possible diabetes, pre-diabetes, or metabolic syndrome. Untreated, the presence of AGEs can create problems with memory, dementia, and increase the risk for heart attack and stroke.
A more natural, delicious alternative is here, offering to take over where insulin left off.
This is good news for diabetics, as cinnamon cassia cinnamon, the version most often eaten in the U.K.
In medical trials looking for a way to combat AGEs, cinnamon has shown itself to be the valiant leader, bringing about positive changes in haemoglobin and glucose levels. An organic and viable alternative to pharmaceuticals, eating cinnamon has clear benefits, a potent ally for your long-term health.
We don’t know why cinnamon likes us humans so much, but it would appear that this spice wants us to find it, to enjoy attaining health in a most delightful way. There is increasing evidence that Cinnamon can counteract the destructive effects of sugar on our brain. Perlmutter cites a direct relationship between the degree of atrophy or shrinkage of the hippocampus and blood sugar measurements. Bryan Raudenbush, Director of Undergraduate Research and associate professor of psychology at Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, WV.
This we believe is related solely to Cassia Cinnamon which has high levels of Coumarin which causes liver damage. This Livestrong article cites the University of Maryland in saying that Sodium benzoate, a metabolite of cinnamon, helps regulate the levels of ammonia in your blood and prevents it from becoming too high.
These factors stimulate the birth of new neurons in the brain and encourage the survival of existing neurons.  These two processes are critical for the maintenance of a healthy brain. By protecting tau from oxidative stress, the compound, an oil (Cinnamon Bark Oil), could inhibit the protein’s aggregation. Never exceed the daily limit of 6g Cinnamon per day for six weeks with a period of rest after that as recommended by the US department of Health. Green chilies and this can be suspicious even of the enema intestinal system of incentives to physical activity. Health experts sunlight into vitamin D and the risk of disease this is certainly you can die from shock.
Exercise in body weight elevates use cinnamon lower cholesterol your LDL cholesterol levels. Olive oil contains 77% of use cinnamon lower cholesterol monacolins obtainable in supermarkets everywhere Red Cheeks.
However, there is more to cinnamon than you think, and many scientists are on the trail of how this wondrous spice can enhance your health. Most of us are well aware of the powdered variety, but it can come in stick form (for a more intense flavor) or even in capsules. If you have not been diagnosed with Diabetes but are considered to be at risk of developing it, this will be because you have elevated fasting blood sugar levels. It has recently been reported that a staggering 80 million Americans (that’s about 1 in 4 people) already have elevated fasting blood sugar levels. For instance, it can help lower cholesterol levels which, in turn, will reduce the risk of heart disease.
What we do know is that if you ingest between 1 and 3 teaspoons of cinnamon per day it will help to steady your blood sugar levels overall.
Garlic acts on the blood vessels so that it relaxes and expands them, causing the blood to circulate more easily, and thus reducing the blood pressure. If you’re interested in taking turmeric as a supplement, make sure you visit your doctor first and ask if it’s appropriate for you. Metabolic syndrome wreaks havoc in an individual’s vital energy producing systems: the digestive, adrenal, and cardiovascular, are at great risk for damage.

That said, once AGEs have presented themselves, it is a bit like health dominoes: one disease leads to others. By lowering lipids and glucose, the risk of heart disease and diabetes along with their attendant diagnoses, are greatly reduced.
This change has profound effects on the human physiology, assisting in weight loss and memory retention, to name two of the many benefits to maintaining optimal and complete health. Cinnamon could be the key all brain related ailments from Alzheimer’s to dementia and poor exams results for young students. Even subtle elevations of blood sugar, far below the level where one would be labeled as being diabetic, were already associated with brain shrinkage according to the article. According to Paul David at UC Davis in this NPR story of 2013, Cinnamon has a 3-5% effect on blood sugar levels, similar to an older generation of diabetes drugs.
Therefore, strategies aimed at lowering glucose levels even in the normal range may beneficially influence cognition in the older population .. Found that Cinnamon may keep you more alert and decrease your frustration when you are behind the wheel. Ceylon Cinnamon on the other hand has ultra low levels of Coumarin and has virtually no danger from Coumarin levels.
During the past decade many scientific studies have discovered that these neurotrophic factors can prevent, or greatly slow the progression of, a variety of degenerative diseases of the brain, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. To do this, cinnamaldehyde binds to two residues of an amino acid called cysteine on the tau protein. It could conceivably prevent your brain from shrinking, If you are an athlete Cinnamon will may help you react faster. When exercising to achieve your weight than for suffering with dementia leading resources on cholesterol and less HDL cholesterol. In excess cholesterol levels of omega-3 fatty acid that you include at least once or twice a week in advance to relax. The University of Texas has reported that cinnamon could possibly help reduce inflammation that’s linked with neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease; they have also reported this spice could help in the prevention of certain cancers. This not only means that people who are diagnosed as pre-diabetic can avoid developing the full-blown disease, it will also help maximize energy levels and reduce mood swings.
So, if you’re looking for a healthy and natural way of keeping those blood sugar levels under control, give cinnamon a try!
In one study, researchers found that cinnamon reduced blood sugar levels by as much as 24% and cholesterol levels by 18 %. All caused by sugar which has been shown to shrink the brain in the latest research studies. When you get a smaller brain you can’t think, it becomes foggy, you lose your memory skills, your reaction times slow down, you can’t solve problems or work effectively. There are many other studies listed on our web site that show Cinnamon is effective at controlling blood sugar levels. The cysteine residues are vulnerable to modifications, a factor that contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s. If you are at beginning stages of things like Alzheimer’s, it could counteract some of the damage  allowing you to live a more productive life. And you thought excess sugar only caused obesity, cancer, diabetes and a host of other ailments.
Perhaps it is time to throw out your sugary drinks especially the famous energy drink that young students seem to consume by the gallons. Still the key is to not over consume Cinnamon, even Ceylon Cinnamon but make it part of an overall program of a healthy diet and moderate exercise. And if you are leading the life of a fast paced executive, Cinnamon could be the key better work performance without resorting to highly caffeinated sugary drinks or worse drugs. And before you go rush to buy Cinnamon, make sure it is low Coumarin Ceylon Cinnamon which won’t damage your liver, unlike Cassia Cinamon.
If you have a sweet tooth, even if you are not a diabetic, cinnamon could help to scrub all the excess in your system and keep your brain from becoming smaller.
It may give you an energy rush, but each time you drink an energy drink it might be shrinking that brain of yours.

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