I made your cake recipe on Sunday, but using blueberries instead of plums (had just picked 2.5kgs of them with young Kristin, so plenty to play with in recipes!). Mix: Fresh eggs (3 ish), dash of cream, milk, S&P, fresh herbs (dill, thyme, garlic chives), a generous amount of smoked salmon (I had some lovely manuka smoked fancy stuff), and fill and bake and EAT!
Kath Irvine is a permaculture designer and has been designing & managing edible gardens since the late 1990's.
Receive my monthly newsletter with seasonal growing information, event info, recipes and awesomeness delivered to your inbox. Edible Backyard is a series of gardening workshops run from Kath Irvine’s permaculture home garden. June 11, 2015 by Karissa Krishart 9 Comments These coffee cinnamon rolls are simply cinnamon rolls with a hint of coffee smothered in a rich and creamy coffee cream cheese frosting. Normally I don’t really care how perfect the swirl is because all I really care about is the flavor. Not only was I learning everything to do with forensic accounting, I was teaching myself how to cook and bake. We’ve been remodeling our kitchen to make the layout better and give me even more workspace. I am obsessed with making a perfect swirl in my cinnamon rolls and your pictures made me so excited!!! You can knead by hand for 5-10 minutes I would use a spoon to get the dough started and the knead it on the counter.
Hey guys, I started an art blog for doodles I’ve done for my novel-in-progress, Swindle. I’m wide open for comments and critique, though do remember its still in progress and will go through serious revision! Ugh Padlock introduced me to Tom Lehrer, and I gotta say, this man was talented before his time.

The other option is the ‘Alan Sugar’ route which would be to do lots and lots of different things, to a lower standard, in less time but charge as much as I possibly could. I focus on Visual Design with the aim of communicating a message visually which can be in the form of a logo or a website layout.
Though I have a good understanding of the technical side of building and a good understanding of the processes involved in producing printed materials, I don’t see myself as an expert in either of these fields. Add a job and a few kids to the mix, and cake baking, which should be near the top of the priority list languishes way below. Passionate about growing food & good design, Kath runs workshops from her Edible Backyard showing people how it is done.
Created to support you on your journey to becoming a food gardener, Kath will teach you how to design and run your own Edible Backyard. After rolling out the dough I topped it with that magical coffee cinnamon roll filling, rolled it up tightly and hoped that when I cut into the roll it would be perfect.
Even if I don’t do anything with her and she sits here collecting dust, writing her song would be way too much fun to pass up so keep an eye out for that in the future! James Dyson is an inventor who is responsible for the Dyson Vacuum cleaner and is an expert in cyclonic separation. Some would argue that a visual designer’s skills should be filtered even further to only focus on either logo design, design for print or web design but I disagree. The idea started as a follow on […]Responsive Logo Design The dust has settled since the launch of the London 2012 logo. I am very impressed, didn’t really believe mixing the batter up like that would produce such a moist cake. Serving the Wellington, Kapiti and Horowhenua Districts with the best organic gardening advice. As if chocolate chunk cookies weren’t already good on their own, I decided to add instant coffee into the mix.

Some of the kitchens I worked in while living in college were the tiniest I’ve ever seen.
We already had an island but we’re extending it a few more inches since we have the material. Slather on the frosting while they’re still warm so it melts around them and the coffee cinnamon rolls soak it all up. It's a design that received criticism from […]Creating HTML for Email Creating HTML for email isn't like creating HTML for browsers.
Loved the fact that it was so easy, no fancy wancy ingredients that are not in the pantry – thanks for sharing with us all. It’s only just starting, but if you like my art and you like piratey things, then perhaps you should swing by and check it out! When you buy a Dyson product you know you are paying a little more but getting a well designed product that is built for purpose and to a high standard. There are no standards as such so you can […]A day of User Interface Design I'm surrounded by user interface design.
Tightly roll up the dough to form a log.Cut into large equal portions using floss or pastry cutter and place into the 13 x 9 inch greased pan. Again sugar cookies are already amazing as is BUT I wanted to create some next level sugar cookies. Whip together for 5 minutes or until everything is well incorporated.Spread over the top of the warm coffee cinnamon rolls.

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