When animals get cold, this reflex helps to fluff up their hair or feathers to trap in body heat.
Goosebumps are also a physical response to fear, just like when you sweat or your heart races. My friend and I were discussing goosebumps and it seemed that maybe it is a reaction stemming from our ancient ancestry when we were much harrier. My sister and I get what we call the "Stupid Chills" which are goose bumps that we get when we see something REALLY stupid like old relatives dancing or singing at a party, lol. My dog's hair stands up on end when she gets stressed out or scared and it looks like she's got a doggy mohawk, LOL. InstructionsMix together lime, sugar, soda water, lime juice and muddled mint leaves leaves.Add ice, passion fruit and rum, then mix vigorously for one minute.
Recipes in your inbox weekly!Sign up for new recipes, tips on island cuisine and new updates. Jennifer Lawrence was the center of attention when she attended the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, CA, on Sunday night. While Jen went on to date Chris Martin and possibly Liam Hemsworth after splitting from Nick, she's now happily flying solo.

Human goosebumps on the other hand are an attempt to make us warm, but since we have such little body hair, goosebumps serve absolutely no purpose. When animals are scared, like a cat or porcupine, they get goosebumps too and their fur or quills stand up, making them look more fierce. Like other emotion-linked reflexes such as blushing, turning pale, and butterflies in your tummy, goosebumps are triggered by the limbic system of the brain. The passion fruit makes it tangy, the mint makes it refreshing, and the dark brown, barely refined sugar gives sweetness and depth. But while her evening consisted of many stand-out moments, including her BFF antics with Amy Schumer, fangirling over Matt Damon, and shining at an aferparty, one thing that stands out above the rest is her friendly meet-up with ex Nicholas Hoult.
The same can't be said for the Equals actor, however, who is rumored to be dating Kristen Stewart. Our tiny hairs stand up, too, but I think we can all agree that it doesn't do much to protect us from harm or make us look more ferocious. Use real passion fruit pulp if you can, but if not, the Passion Fruit Puree found in your grocer’s freezer works just fine. Use real passion fruit pulp if you can, but if not, the puree found in your grocer's freezer works just fine.

The two, who dated on and off before splitting in 2014, were spotted chatting during one of the show's commercial breaks.
The two were most recently spotted looking like giddy teenagers during an outing in New York City in early January. This reflex causes tiny muscles at the base of each hair to contract, making the little hairs that cover your body to stand up. LA Times reporter Amy Kaufman snapped a photo of their encounter, writing, "Yes, that's JLaw talking to ex Nicholas Hoult during the first commercial break.
See Jen and Nick's Golden Globes moment below, then check out their other reunion on the set of X Men: Apocalypse. Which in turn makes little bumps all over your skin, giving it the appearance of a freshly-plucked goose.

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