WARNING: the act of dropping it too low combined with not picking it up fast enough is a great way to cause injury.
Dillon himself has been growing his collection of tats while one the road, and most recently got inked up with a parrot by the name of Larry Bird. Attending the tour may also cause an excessive growth spurt of facial hair – do not be alarmed. I used as base video, one of the most colorful and annoying video I found : the Lucky Star opening (japanese animation).

Conclusion is, making glitch is finally (in this way) no big deal, so the point is to find what to do with those animated creatures ! So now, here is preview of the next chapter i'm working on about controlling video files destructuration (still in audacity) !
Odds are if you put your phone on silent walking into the show, you’ll never turn the ringer on again. This is merely a subconscious reaction your body is having as it stands in the magnificent aura of Dillon’s new beard.

I'll tell you how to generate glitching video really simply (no coding, no play in HexEditor, just some clicks and lot's of encoding and decoding) ! Get out in front of this potential side effect by getting yourself an #MSFR ringtone immediately.

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