I had learnt to control my glucose levels from an early age and it had never stopped me from being active. I didn’t discover triathlon until the end of 2010 when a friend persuaded me to go on a Saturday morning bike ride with the local triathlon club. In 2011, I bought my first second-hand road bike, borrowed a wetsuit and started training with my local triathlon club. It was a daunting prospect: Nobody had explicitly told me that I shouldn’t be doing an ironman, but equally, when I spoke to medical specialists they didn’t have any experience of type 1 diabetics doing this kind of thing, so I was pretty much left to myself to find out what it would take. To prepare for my ironman, I went on a training camp in the Pyrenees (France), practiced sea swimming in the North Sea, and even mastered using a glucose meter while riding my bike.
As for the type of food, I learnt that I am best with solid foods: A combination of natural energy bars (for a slower release of sugar) and liquorice sugar candies (fast-acting sugar). On the run, I tend to need less, often I just go totally by feel and will make use of the aid stations to grab a piece of banana. I only drink water and non-carbohydrate electrolyte drinks as I find it easier counting carbohydrates with solid foods only. From my experience of doing endurance sports, I have learnt that I don’t seem to need lots and lots of carbohydrates. During training for triathlon races in the past, I have learnt that training intensity and rest periods have to be aligned with my insulin sensitivity, which is determined by my monthly menstrual cycle – a hugely important piece of information for planning my race and training. With an average of 10-15 hours of training each week at the start of my Ironman training, peaking at 17-20 hours in the later phase, it wasn’t just physically tough on my body.
It was a real effort sometimes to manage glucose levels over such a long time and required lots of commitment.
During the ironman race, I learnt to ignore the physical pain, but the race became a mental game.
Since then, I have completed several long endurance events and middle-distance triathlon races – always sticking with the same nutrition and glucose management strategy and it has never failed me. I am absolutely convinced that having diabetes brings a huge advantage for endurance sports: I had to learn to read my body really well and recognise when it needs fuel because otherwise it can’t perform well. My diabetes is not a barrier or an excuse for me, but just another factor to take into account when planning and executing training. You can read more about Eva’s experiences as an endurance athlete with type 1 diabetes on her blog and follow her on Twitter. Join the Fit With Diabetes Challenge The Fit With Diabetes Challenge gives you all the tools you need to exercise safely and effectively with diabetes.it's 6 weeks of FREE diabetes articles, workouts, activities, and community support. TruVision’s teams of scientists have been formulating products for other companies for over 20 years. The products include a formulation to enhance blood chemistry and pH balance and a product to assist in fat loss by providing a natural desire to eat less.
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Many experts have said you can’t consume certain foods, even if the evidence shows them to be highly beneficial. Eating more beans improves both your blood sugar and cholesterol profile, and they also decrease cancer risk.
You hear people say you can’t eat any dairy, well I agree that likely 10-15% of people are dairy protein intolerant, and when they have dairy protein they get joint aches, brain fog, rashes, or sinus problems. Whey protein has more branched-chain amino acids that help you build muscle mass to look sexy. So if you tolerate whey protein, I highly recommend it; I don’t believe everyone needs to give up those benefits. Simply enter your email below to get: a Guide to Calculate the True Age of Your Heart & Arteries, a PDF of the Top 6 Surprisingly Common Nutrients in a Multivitamin that Can Harm or Even Kill You, and a video of Dr. Can we all just take a moment to envy this red-ruffed lemur's capacity to nap with the most exquisite of balance?
When it isn't serving as the mascot for overeating naptime, the red ruffed lemur (Varecia rubra) lives along the northeast coast of Madagascar.
While all lemurs are endangered, the red ruffed lemur is critically endangered with an estimated 1,000 to 10,000 living in the wild.
Times Global Partners is an initiative focused on partnering with Established and Emerging Global Digital Companies for growing their presence and business in India through growth in their Brand, audience, adoption, distribution and monetization. Now at 33 and a keen sports person, I consider myself an old hand when it comes to living with type 1. I enjoy all types of sports from (trail) running, road cycling and skiing to mountain biking and surfing.
Six months later, I did my first race, a sprint triathlon (400m open-water swim, 20km bike and 5km run), came fifth out of 27 in my age group and was chuffed to bits.
Standing at the start line, I was extremely nervous about how my sugar levels would behave. Working out my nutrition strategy and insulin requirements for the big race also took practice and planning as it was vital for me to strike the balance between eating enough carbohydrates – the food source most readily converted to glucose – and injecting the right amount of insulin to turn the glucose into fuel.
I will stick with very few carbohydrates (around 6 grams only), but eat more protein in the form of eggs. I am well suited for endurance-based sports, as my body seems to be good at using fat for fuel compared to short, sharp sprint based sports where the body is reliant on carbohydrates as the only source of fuel.
With increasing (physical and mental) fatigue, I often find there is a danger to get “lazy” and not wanting to think about also managing diabetes but to just get the session over and done with. My diabetes turned out not to be the biggest issue but the bad weather with torrential rain, thunderstorms and lightning. This is such great skill to have for this kind of sport when I need to make sure my body can go on for hours. There were times I failed with managing glucose levels and I experienced a lot of trial and error, but this was vital for me to learn and develop a set of strategies which will work on race day so that my diabetes is not stopping me from enjoying sports.
We created TheFitBlog to share our passion for a healthy and fit lifestyle and to give people the tools they need to succeed with their fitness goals.
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Specific SMART FAT are clearly beneficial for your health; avoiding them worsens inflammation and healthy hormone balance. Milk (which includes ice cream!) has lactose (milk sugar) and 80% of the planet is lactose intolerant.

They're exceptionally tidy beasts, with special incisor teeth perfect for grooming the long fur of their packmates. They are threatened by habitat loss (from illegal logging, fires, and frequent cyclones), but live capture for the pet trade also inhibits their population. I used to be a member of my school’s volleyball team and the local athletics club and even taught classes as an indoor cycling instructor during university. Luckily, I used to swim when I was younger and enjoyed the challenge of learning a new swim technique.
I started training regularly and by the end of the 2011 season I had competed in my first Olympic distance triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run) and clocked 5 hours 56 minutes on the 180km bike leg of the “Challenge Copenhagen” ironman relay. Although I had practised the individual disciplines and knew I could do the distances, I had never raced or trained for five to six hours in one go.
I experienced a lot of trial and error during training with how much or little food and insulin I needed for the three disciplines. I only ever eat as much as needed to get my glucose levels up and maintain them without having to inject bolus for it.
As a full-time Marketing Manager, I had to do most of my training in the early mornings before work and then after work.
As a type 1 diabetic, Christel is particularly passionate about helping others with diabetes and is always available to answer questions about how to get fit and healthy. They also have an important heart and hydration drink, a proven sleep aid and a tasty super-advanced trail mix. When carefully blended together, the essential oils of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary synergistically come together making the oils more powerful together than they are on their own.
This product may also stimulate lymphatic flow for toxin release and improved immune function! And then that’s running alone in front of the wounded, assesses their condition and performs some specific actions that they survive until help arrives. But you can get around this by soaking dry beans and swapping out the water over a couple days, then cooking them—thereby removing most of those lectins. As a chef, whey protein has a much better taste and texture (mouth feel) than rice-pea-potato protein powders—it tastes better. However, they would be moderately obnoxious feast-day guests, requiring a diet of primarily fruit, nectar and pollen with occasional forays into seeds and leaves when their normal meals are scarce.
I had never really considered doing a triathlon but soon got hooked and found myself surrounded by like-minded triathletes. I hadn’t had any previous experience in managing diabetes for endurance-based sports, but it didn’t stop me at all to go onto doing longer races.
In the end, all the training and hard work paid off and I finished in 5 hours 22 minutes, coming sixth out of 42 in my age group. I tested a lot during training sessions and so-called B and C races which were merely to simulate the “big” race.
My basal rate that I set in my insulin pump will usually run at around 50% from 1-1.5 hours prior to race start to about 30 minutes prior to finishing. Longer bike or run sessions usually took place on the weekends often consisting of 5-6 hours on the bike, immediately followed with a 30-minute run, as a so-called brick session. The first thing I felt was disbelief – not just that I’d finished it, but that I managed to maintain near-perfect sugar levels over such a long race. Yes beans can cause gas, but studies have shown that if you eat small amounts of beans every day, they are much better tolerated.
They're also shockingly loud for their size, capable of loud, echoing booms audible over kilometers of jungle.
From training and racing, I had proven to myself that I was able to manage glucose levels very well. This enabled me to work out how much food and insulin I needed for the duration and intensity I would be racing at and to discover patterns of glucose levels. Immediately after a race or long training session, I will run my basal rate at 130% as my body requires a lot more insulin afterwards.
The worst scenario would be eat 2 cups of chili once per month after avoiding all beans—that might get you sent from the bedroom to the couch for the night.

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