Magic and science, a location where both converge, a place that is host to a ton of individuals with unique powers and abilities. Strike the Blood actually follows Akatsuki Koujo, a young 16 year old with silver hair and a love of wearing the same hoodie outfit. In terms of world building and plot, there are a lot of surface similarities between Strike the Blood and Toaru Majutsu no Index. The similarities end there though, and Strike the Blood takes some very interesting turns and approaches to the subject matter.
Whats more, Akatsuki isn’t like Touma, a cool heroic character on the sidelines who ends up saving the day. The reason why the series works so well is that the details of its world and the cast of characters are definitely unique.
The story as a whole, serves as a great introduction to the cast of characters, the world they inhabit and paints a pretty detailed picture of where things are going from here. Again, this is a series that still has its source material running, but it does a good job of resolving the story to the point where it ends. Help us pay the bills and work with us to promote your awesome product, service, website, comic or anything else you want to show off. Comments on Anime Evo are not only welcome, but the thing that we writers look forward to the most. This was definitely a series that wasn’t anything amazing, but was a pretty decent run. It just happens so that walking your dog on the beach could end up earning you ?11,000, if you are at the right place at the right time! Using the all-powerful Internet, he searched what the lump might be and it turned out that he had landed a lump of ambergris aka whale vomit and that it was of great value as there are those who will pay high price for his find. The lump was expected to fetch an estimated ?7000 when it was listed, but the Anglesey owner was in for a bit of a surprise when it sold for ?11,000. Dubbed as the “weirdest” item that has been auctioned by the auctioneer, the lump of ambergris was bought by someone in France.
Whale vomit is produced in intestines of sperm whales and provides them protection from the sharp beaks of squid which they eat and is passed as vomit. It is illegal to trade trade in ambergris in many countries, but in cases where people have found it washed up on the shores, the discoverer can keep it. Following two shockingly successful and unthinkably brutal action games out of legendary development studio From Software, the team behind Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls is back, and its new game Bloodborne received about as much attention as any other new property on the show floor. Bloodborne may have many of the systems that make the Souls games amazing experiences underneath the hood, but on the surface there’s a slick coat of blood that makes this PS4 exclusive look like a tantalizing treat when it arrives next year. The game takes place in a decrepit Gothic city called Yharnam, which is known for its medical advances using blood as their primary tool. Shortly after their arrival in Yharnam, the player encounters a spectral realm called the Hunter’s Dream, which acts as both a sanctuary and workshop. The player can find and consume three pieces of an Umbilical Cord, which belonged to an infant Great One born from a human.
A Terrifying New World: Journey to a horror-filled gothic city where deranged mobs and nightmarish creatures lurk around every corner.
A New Generation of Action RPG: Stunningly detailed gothic environments, atmospheric lighting, and advanced new online experiences showcase the power and prowess of the PlayStation 4 system. Ever-changing Chalice Dungeons to Explore: Use holy chalices to gain entrance to a network of vast underground ruins, filled with traps, beasts, and rewards, to explore and conquer alone or with others. Put simply, regardless of strength (yours or theirs) there is never any enemy you cannot defeat, and there is never any enemy that cannot defeat you.
The trend in big budget games these days seems to be about creating detailed virtual worlds with complex physics models.
On the other hand, there are a bunch of little indie games with not-so-flashy, often retro graphics that through their well-defined, simple-on-the-surface mechanics provide some amazing gameplay. What if the human race was forever changed by the rapid evolution on a newly evolved species? For those of you who have yet to discover just how epic Elfen Lied is, we highly suggest that you dedicate a day to having a marathon with your best pal so that you can share your thoughts together on how amazing Kaede, aka Lucky and Nyu, is.
Italian cosplayer, Miss Alice Monster has done an impeccable job capturing the very essence of what it is like to live in the footsteps of Lucy. If the first thing to come to mind when hearing that specific description is Toaru Majutsu no Index, then you’re not alone. Kojou is the resident of a special Island, Itogami Island, which is more commonly known as the demon district. Yukina is sent to be an observer of the Fourth Progenitor, and its from there that the adventures truly begin.
Instead, Akatsuki and the fact that he’s the Fourth Progenitor shapes the world and people around him.
Perhaps the best way to describe Strike the Blood is that its the love child of Toaru Majutsu no Index and Campione!. Strike the Blood doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it never the less adds enough twists to the established formula to be  entertaining. This works fairly well now that the series can be bulked watched, since the cliffhangers in between arcs can be quite painful. The ending arc, which only spans 2 episodes, is actually a nice and clever way to end the series, as it really gives the Akatsuki and Yukina character dynamic and arc some closure, while giving a pretty cool preview of what might happen in the future. A continuation, would definitely be a sequel in the truest sense (and anyone who watches the series will definitely want one). The production is mostly kept consistent, and definitely looks like a slightly less flashier version of something J.C Staff would do.
The series is fun, entertaining, and plays within tropes established by other Light novel adaptions of its type (Toaru Index, Camione!), but it never veers into the level of extraordinary.

Its not amazing, nor will you loose sleep over it, but you’ll enjoy it while you watch it. We here at Anime Evo work with our advertising partners to promote products that are actually relevant to our audience, and give you the best bang for your buck! Anime Evo is Setsuken’s (Hassan's) proclamation of love for Anime, which he can’t seem to get enough of. I couldn’t avoid some of the complaints that were thrown at it from a light novel perspective so that somewhat influenced me as the series went along. Definitely a bit more understandable as a person because obviously he’s affected the things going on.
While he was walking on the beach, he noticed some soapy-textured lump that his dog wouldn’t leave alone.
So, he decided to find an auctioneer who would sell this smelly waxy rugby ball-shaped lump of ambergris for him and that’s when he found Adam Partridge auctioneers in Macclesfield. It is used to prolong the scent of perfume and there have been instances when ambergris has been bought by perfume manufacturers for thousands of pounds privately.
Over the years, many travelers journey to the city seeking the remedy to cure their afflictions; the player journeys to Yharnam seeking a powerful blood known as Paleblood for reasons unknown. The player encounters two entities: Gehrman, an elderly, wheelchair-bound man who provides advice to Hunters like the player, and the Doll, a living life-size doll that assists the player in leveling up.
Gehrman uses his scythe to behead the player, who then awakens in the real Yharnam as the sun rises. These procedurally generated dungeons offer brand new challenges to master, and can be uploaded or shared with friends. You could be level 1 with a crappy weapon, but if you can dodge attacks well you can still defeat that giant boss. Not only do you get amazing, challenging gameplay, you also get the graphics that this generation of consoles promised and a detailed world to play in.
Honestly, the load times aren’t nearly as bad as some people have made them out to be.
Queen of the newly evolved species known as the Diclonius, poor Kaede has definitely experienced her fair share of pain and turmoil. Wearing the remains of her torturous helmet on one side of her head, it is almost hard to see her adorable boned cat ears that are often mistaken for demonic horns. Want a feature of your own? Submit your photos to our Tumblr page or attach them in an email [email protected] a chance to appear on our site! Indeed, the Toaru franchise has become a bit of a Juggernaut in recent years… So what happens when light novel author Gakuto Mikumo (Asura Cryin, Dantalian no Shoka) takes a stab at the established trope and adds vampires and the supernatural into the mix? There’s even a reluctant main character who seems to be too nice for his own good, and has his own ideals of what is right and wrong. Unlike Touma, Akatsuki is actually a bit more straightforward and believable as a 16 year old teenager. He’s actually a key player in the status quo of the world he inhabits, whether he likes it or not. The pacing isn’t bad per say, its often that the episodes will just end at very crucial scenes, only for the next episode to pick it up and resolve it.
There’s a good mix of special effects, action scenes and more low key scenes that are handled competently. All in all, the production for the series, while not really something that stands out, is well done none the less.
Its easy to call Strike the Blood a good tide over till the next Index series, but we’d say it carves enough of a distinct niche for itself that it can stand out on its own. Honestly a lot of the fights were flashy and action packed enough to really get he invested. Ties the first arc and the last one together and makes the whole thing feel more concluded that way. When he examined the lump, it was soft and a bit smelly; however it was too light for being a rock. Upon arriving in the city, however, it is discovered that the city is plagued with an endemic illness that has transformed most of its citizens into bestial creatures.
Gehrman informs the player that in order to obtain the blood they seek, they must hunt down the various monsters plaguing Yharnam. At this point, three different endings are possible depending on the player’s actions. After Gehrman is defeated, a mysterious being called the Moon Presence arrives and embraces the player, binding him to the dream. After Gehrman is defeated, the Moon Presence arrives to devour the player, but the player resists. That’s not much worse than some of the longer load times in Skyrim, and Skyrim has to load every time you fast travel, die, or even open a door. I think they feel extra long because it’s just a black screen with the word Bloodborne on it for an entire 40 seconds (most of the time less). While there are great animes and mangas out there that have been running for years, Elfen Lied is certainly not one of them.
However, while she may seem adorably sweet with her long pink hair and big bright eyes, you would not want to back her into a corner unless you had a death wish. With blood splattered from head to toe, Miss Alice Monster has truly embodied what Lucy’s killer instinct can look like when she is forced to expel a fit of rage against those who have rejected her race.
For the latest on all that’s epic in gaming, movies, television and cosplay, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook! Of course, Kojou isn’t exactly a normal human himself, and is actually a powerful vampire known as the Fourth Progenitor.
In fact, Touma and Akatsuki are pretty similar on the surface, and both seem to have harems of sort without really intending it.

Unlike say Touma, Akatsuki has a pretty deep interest in his love interest, is more apparent about his intentions.
A writer for a number of years Hassan is also a 3D Artist, a Game Designer, a Web Designer and a Huge Anime Obsessed Enthusiast. I thought the music was a strong point in building that combative atmosphere and made it all the more enjoyable. Though could also say the female cast in this series often more forward as well which makes things get all the more complicated for the relationships of this group.
The player must navigate the streets of Yharnam and overcome its violently deranged inhabitants and horrifying monsters in order to survive.
As the player delves deeper into the city, they begin to learn its dark secrets, as well as the origin of the plague that’s destroying it. You can complete a mission in any way you choose, because the rules of gameplay are so open. However, I was never able to either help someone or get help from someone inside a Chalice dungeon and I was only invaded twice. I can live with these and I just heard that a patch is in the works and, hopefully these and whatever other bugs may be around are going to be addressed. That’s right; you can pop a fresh bowl of popcorn and enjoy a batch of freshly baked cookies, while spending an afternoon watching all thirteen episodes. With vector abilities that make her attacks seem as if they came out of nowhere, young Lucy is not like other girls her age.
Long ago, the residents of Yharnam began worshiping ancient, eldritch beings called Great Ones.
The Doll remarks that a new Hunt will begin, signifying that the player has taken Gehrman’s place in guiding other Hunters.
Any gamer worth their retro NES T-shirt should not have a problem, as long as they are willing to accept a challenge and actually take the time to learn to play. That makes the enjoyment of succeeding, of getting good at the game, pretty much unsurpassed. But the actual gameplay can suffer, especially the combat, because it is not tweaked or designed specifically to be fun or challenging. A couple disconnected areas aside, once you’re loaded you can go anywhere in the world without having to wait for it to load for even a second.
The only time it is definitely noticeable and irritating for me is when I wish to travel to another location from a location. Elfen Lied proves that a good anime doesn’t have to run for 130 plus episodes in order to be amazing! The Great Ones provided the miracle remedies Yharnam was famous for, which are also the source of the plague. With the new depth of diverse weapon attacks, an offensive play style gives way to a faster pace.
Spend the day discovering just what it takes to walk in the footsteps of an outcast who just wishes to find peace in life.
The plague was spread in Yharnam by the Great Ones in order to foster the growth of an infant Great One. An enemy has badly injured you, but you know a good counterstrike on him will give you back some of your health, maybe even most of it. The best thing about this new combat style is that it’s putting most Souls veterans out of their element. You end up feeling more satisfied with your progress, because you know what it took to get there. However, once you gain some strength and learn to not die constantly, you end up looking at that load screen a whole lot less.
This can feel very time consuming for a game that punishes players with frequent impending deaths. Most of us are used to using shields and hanging back until we can place a perfect timed attack on our vulnerable enemy.
If you’re interested in a non-linear game that allows you to explore and discover your own story through hard work, by all means, buy Bloodborne. That enemy has a sliver of health left, but he’s winding up an attack with his giant axe. So I think the only thing I like about Dark Souls more than Bloodborne, is that it had the convenience of fast travelling between bon fires.
You still need to time your attacks, but you have to pay so much more attention to your foe’s. Depending on their attack, you may need to stun them with your gun, dodge, or attack the enemy first.
But upgrade your armor and tank straight into your enemies, or hide in the shadows and take them out with a bow. By the time they went on to play Dark souls 2 for example, the game felt too easy for them.
We have to get used to the new methods and tricks of combat in Bloodborne that make it special and unique to the game. This brings me to a frequently asked question: Is Bloodborne more difficult than past Souls games?

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