As a completely uneducated-in-this-type-of-stuff person, I'd have to say that the fluid levels look very low!  However, I trust they know what they're looking at and it's possible that they saw it at a different angle that revealed more fluid? I have no idea how it looks in the ultrasound pictures but I do remember with my first pregnancy having issues with this.
I thought the exact same thing when I saw mine at 17 weeks, and the usound tech and the dr. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. A tumblr mostly full of inspirational quotes or lyrics and occasional songs which you can relate to.

I know they say the fluid replenishes itself daily and if you aren't drinking enough, the fluid could be low. I swear it just seemed like there was a lot more black space around my son when I was pg with just him. And be sure you're not drinking too much caffine, it's a diuretic and you'll actually lose water. I think we're supposed to be drinking something like 16 cups (8oz each) of water a day while pg with twins. To me, it seemed very low but when I asked my Dr what he thought about the fluid he said it was fine.

The doctor told me sometimes it is hard to measure because of the angle so it may never have actually been low at all. I trust my Dr, but I know that low fluid can cause a lot of problems so that is my concern.

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