As per the American Diabetes Association, diabetic shock refers to the condition of abnormally low level of glucose in the blood. It is usually found in type 1 diabetics, particularly the ones who keep a very rigid control on their blood sugar level.
According to the Diabetic Medicine journal, almost 15% of Type II diabetic patients who receive a regular insulin shot suffer from severe diabetic shock. These people are also more prone to suffer from severe hypoglycemia that can result in an insulin shock at least once per year. Medically, an over dose of anti-diabetic medication, especially insulin, certainly results in extremely low glucose levels. However, at the same time, the patient does not maintain the appropriate level balance by increasing the food intake.
Insulin is an anabolic and anticatabolic hormone involved in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. Indication: It is difficult to achieve glycemic target levels with monotherapy in patients with A1C ? 9%. The timing of insulin onset, peak and duration of action must match meal patterns and exercise schedules to achieve good glucose control. Precautions: All patients treated with insulin should be educated about the recognition and treatment of hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia (less risk of hypoglycemia, particularly nocturnal hypoglycemia, with detemir and glargine). Allergic reactions and lipodystrophy are now relatively uncommon with the use of human insulins.
So, when the level of glucose drops so drastically such that even the desired or the normal quantity is not maintained, it results in diabetic shock that is also known as insulin shock or hypoglycemia. Further, a majority of people with Type I diabetes experience symptomatic hypoglycemia at least twice per week. Irrespective of the type of diabetes, insulin shock is life-threatening, and therefore, needs instant medical treatment.
Over-treatment is characterized by the excessive intake of anti-diabetes prescriptions such as anti-hyperglycemic drugs and insulin for controlling the elevated blood glucose levels. Apart from the insulin injections, even the oral medications such as glipizide, chlorpropamide, tolazamide, and acetohexamide, can trigger insulin shock, as per the Medline Plus.
Its presence itself excites the pancreas for producing too much of insulin such that the glucose levels drop drastically.
In such cases, meformin may be started in combination with another agent, including insulin, or insulin may be started on its own.
However, for obtaining the most appropriate treatment, one needs to know the exact cause of such a condition.

According to Merck Manual for Healthcare Professionals, an overdose of such medications is the common culprit of diabetes shock because it makes the insulin to last for long, resulting in excessive drop of the glucose level. Such an approach surely results in extremely low glucose levels, regardless of the exercise levels. However, this cause is really very rare, as the tumor takes place in hardly one out of every 250,000 folks.
Insulin analogs are insulins that have had their amino acids modified to change the pharmacokinetics of the molecule.
Insulin therapy with or without metformin should also be initiated if the patient presents with symptomatic hyperglycemia and metabolic decompensation, because of the importance of lowering blood glucose quickly.
In this case, the quantity of glucose in the blood becomes insufficient to meet the body’s energy needs. Insulin can be administered by syringe, pen or pump (continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion [CSII]).
Patients can be taught to modify their own insulin doses, thereby providing lifestyle flexibility, especially pertaining to diet and exercise.

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