Is it something I did?  Something I could have done better?  A combination of both?  A symphony of nothing and everything all at once?  The cause-and-effect of everything in diabetes, in addition to the guilt, can make high blood sugars feel overwhelming. This is a message for Ha[ey, I am so glad that I have read your comment, I to get easily upset and EVERYTHING around me annoys me,my poor husband, I feel sorry for him, all I want to do is go to bed and sleep. Stacey, I have two children, both type 1 diabetics, daughter diagnosed at age of 9 years after a flu virus attacked her pancreas. My experience: when the insulin level is higher than required, exercise will lower BG, otherwise it will raise it.
I just wanted to thank you from a T1 Momma’s perspective, these posts provide me with such great insight. I remember reading somewhere that having a high is like having thick maple syrup slogging its way through the veins in your body and brain. I am also fighting Lung Cancer and some meds (Steroids) really shoot my blood sugar, off the charts! My wife and I are tired of this mess and have started with the new year, new diets that should help enormously! I do not check my blood sugar as often as I should, guess I know what to expect and the strips are soooooo expensive!
This is not a political website, but seeing as how you mentioned it, have you priced out Obama care???
As far as every country in the western world having universal healthcare, maybe so, but they all pay for it through massive taxation.
Now, back to Insulin, there are many sites on the web that can help the person that needs it.. How come, i have controlled my sugar level from 300 to 140 these days but i still feel thirsty all the time, I have controlled it by jogging and climbing; any input on this? When my sugar go up any higher then 400 I get really sick, I feel like my whole body just gain like 200 pounds and I walk slow.
I felt like i was going to drop dead as you said in your was a very scary feeling.
Since she is having to eat so close to bedtime, she might be having some acid reflux, especially if she is waking up with congestion or a cough.
If before and after meal targets are reached most of the time, the A1C level will be close to normal; equal to or less than 7 per cent. Remember that before you developed diabetes, your pancreas would detect your blood glucose levels and release just the right amount of insulin. To prevent miscalculations and for a diabetic to enjoy any food he or she wants to eat, it is better to use the glycemic index to rate the quality of carbohydrates in food. The index is important for diabetics so they can monitor the food they eat and give themselves variety at the same time.
Those who use the GI must, however, take care to remember that the total amount of carbohydrates eaten is ultimately responsible for post-meal blood sugar levels. Knowing the GI of food can help diabetes patients how to pair up or combine meals without having to deal with high post-meal blood sugar levels.
Whether used to control blood sugar levels or to aid you in your diet regiment, the best way to use the GI to your advantage is to ask for supervision from your doctor. Canonisation of popes John Paul II and John XXIII has got Catholics showing their devotion to the extreme. Ever wonder what those tiny red threads around your nose are, what causes spider veins, or red, uneven cheeks?
Extreme conditions such as sauna's, bathtubs, long showers, hot compresses,thermal facial masks, severe cold and high winds are a don't.

Spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol can exacerbate the look of broken capillaries since they can typically increase blood circulation in the face. I know I'm a little late on this post but I remember my HS health teacher saying that you could always spot a drinker by all of the broken capillaries around their nose.
If you fail to treat hyperglycemia, a condition called ketoacidosis (diabetic coma) could occur. Your body cannot tolerate large amounts of ketones and will try to get rid of them through the urine. I made a string of bad food choices on date night last night and literally ran out of insulin in my pump.
I admit I do not always eat well and when I am HIGH, it really doesn’t show much except the eyes.
It is crazy expensive unless you are literally broke and then you cannot afford anything, even with the subsidies. When your blood sugar levels are getting back to normal as in 80-120, your body which is used to the highs responds rather viciously. For me, Metformin makes me feel at my worst when it’s wrenching my sugars back to where they are supposed to be. That means that your body was so adapted to the high blood sugar that you now feel terrible because you always feel like you’re hypoglycemic. I have personally found that carb- and fat-heavy meals tend to make my reflux worse, but everybody is different.
I can have normal readings, but I come to a point where I can’t afford to refill my insulin prescription, my numbers go up, up, and I get feeling down. This means being healthy enough to accomplish it all a€“ and helping you learn to do the work of your pancreas (what it would do if it could).
But this can severely limit the type of food a diabetic can eat and can lead to misinformation on the actual glucose content of a food.
It measures food in terms of how quickly their carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels and are rated low, medium and high. The index can also be used by those who want to lose weight since it can control hunger and appetite.
The GI also doesn’t take into account the nutritional content of food, which may be dangerous to those who need specific types of vitamins and minerals.
For example, low GI food can be paired with high GI food, allowing diabetic eaters to control their blood sugar level while maximising their choice of meals. All of these red marks that effect us cosmetically have something to do with your capillaries.
They are often inherited, and unfortunately, broken capillaries become more apparent as we age. This has just reminded of how, when I was a kid, I once opened my parents' nurse-stuff-dictionary, and wished I'd never had that idea. They should be able to direct you to Patient Assistance Programs that can cover some or all of your meds.
I recieved free medical care and free medicine when I could not longer afford to by my medicine. If you have a recliner, she might try sleeping in that for a while until you can get the bed adjusted.
For as long as they have had insulin, and how many people use it, it seems criminal that it’s so expensive. Anti-redness products are recommended, as they soothe irritation and strengthen the walls of your blood vessels.

Without insulin, your body can’t use glucose for fuel, so your body breaks down fats to use for energy. Doctors missed the diagnosis at first, since we only knew of one death from diabetes in our family on either side. The Government is just people that have forever jobs with little or no reason to work hard!
Also, something that happens when you’re newly diagnosed diabetic and suddenly come into control is that you can lose your near vision. As far as I’m concerned the drug companies are greedy bastards who are really only interested in keeping people sick so they can make more money.
Quality of your life with diabetes may mean weight loss or maintenance of healthy weight, having a healthy pregnancy, having flexibility in food intake and timing of meals without sacrificing blood glucose goals, or exercising without highs or lows.Not being on a rollercoaster!
When the walls of the blood vessel narrow and then widen too quickly, the muscles tear and cause leakage — hence, turning the skin visibly red. Also, more aggressive treatments like laser light therapy and sclerotherapy are available to help build up the capillary walls and calm inflammation. When I have those sugar highs I withdraw, friends don’t understand why I become so quiet or just walk away to sit and put my head down until it passes.
She continued to lose weight and started the raspy breathing, almost died, before she was diagnosed. I had to do a lot of research to find out why a low carb diet caused me to lose my near vision. I know it has been quite a long time since you posted, but I hope you haven’t given up on your treatment.
My daughter is 40 now, on dialysis for 21 years, blind in right eye and had her second surgery on amputated leg days ago.
Doctors are woefully under educated and what it’s actually like to LIVE with type 2 diabetes.
You must learn everything you can, stay calm as much as possible, get the best medical help you can find. I don’t have insurance anymore after losing my job and have just solely been relying on my fast acting.
Learn to discern those who are in medicine to help and better your life, and those who are in it for a paycheck.
I get really hot and uncomfortable and just so irritated because it is so high that I can’t sleep some nights.
No glucose IVs when you are hospitalized with high blood sugars, and trust me, it will happen more than once, no matter the hospital or quality of care.
He is in as much danger as she is, possibly more, since he has lived with it undiagnosed for so many years. When you get situated, and you will, you can live a healthier life than the average person does on this planet. My daughter had a pancreas and kidney transplant in 1998 and was off of insulin for 18 months before organ failure.
I have been praying for those undiagnosed and diagnosed for so many years, for protection and blessing.

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