A non invasive blood glucose monitor is by definition a device which can determine the level of glucose in the blood without breaking the surface of the skin. A truly non invasive blood glucose monitor would be a godsend for those who must suffer from multiple tiny punctures each day just to gain a drop of blood to be checked for the blood glucose level. This may sound like a pipe dream, or just another medical catch phrase like non invasive cholesterol monitor, or non invasive medication administration, but the truth is there is an enormous push to develop non invasive technology in many different areas of medicine. The technology associated with the non invasive blood glucose monitor hasn’t quite progressed to the point that the old style blood sample glucometers can go the way of the dinosaur, but the technology makes it possible for a person to have their blood sugar checked as often as every 20 minutes for up to 12 hours at a time without a single drop of blood being drawn. I would like to know the information and the cost of a non invasive blood glucose monitor and cost .
Paresthesia can be defined as strange skin sensation that causes tingling or pricking sensation.
Chronic Paresthesia – In this case abnormal sensation is felt frequently and this occurs due to medical conditions like neurological or orthopedic problem. Paresthesia (tingling sensation) can be caused by mild factors like built-up pressure to more serious causes like multiple sclerosis or brain tumor. Paresthesia can be caused by drug-related problems like intake of Beta-blockers, benzodiazepine withdrawal, certain types of anticonvulsant drugs and withdrawal of medications belonging to SSRI group. Well defined symptoms of Paresthesia include tingling sensation, numbness, pricking or burning feeling. If you have occasional symptoms of Paresthesia while falling asleep on your arm you can ignore it. Your doctor will collect complete medical history before attempting to diagnose Paresthesia.
In case the doctor suspects deficiency of nutrients like vitamins he may prescribe supplementary vitamins like vitamin B12 in the form of injection or pills. For those who are long-term diabetic blood sugar levels should be regularly monitored to prevent diabetic neuropathy. The affected person should wear loose fitting clothes and shoes to reduce the intensity of symptoms. The non invasive monitor would be painless and bloodless due to the simple fact that the blood glucose level can be checked without actually obtaining a drop of blood from which to read the glucose level.

It is just common sense that any time a conventional blood sample is taken it must create a wound, and a wound is never a good thing as it damages the skin and opens a route for potential infection. When this is used in conjunction with blood sample glucose readings it makes the tracking and trending of blood glucose levels throughout the day possible and easy. I am a guardian for a learning impaired woman who wastes test strips every day because she doesn’t have the dexterity to use the lancets and test strips. It is also called as “pins and needles” in colloquial terms or falling asleep of the limbs for few minutes. Paresthesia is caused due to several reasons including neurological and orthopedic problems and for some people it is caused when excess of pressure is applied on the nerve. A person who has fallen asleep on his arm would experience the feeling of numbness or prickling for few minutes.
Severe disorders like multiple sclerosis, strokes or any serious problem in the central nervous system can induce tingling feeling in the arms and hands. Wide range of potential causes of Paresthesia include orthopedic factors like degenerative disk disease, herniated disk, osteoporosis, bone fractures and entrapment of nerves. The symptoms of tingling and numbness can also be caused by cardiovascular problems like poor circulation, atherosclerosis, and peripheral vascular diseases.
But if the symptoms of numbness and tingling sensation occur repeatedly with or without other symptoms you need to consult your doctor. Patients who are immune-compromised would be given prednisone or suitable corticosteroids and in some cases intravenous gamma globulin is given. It might take enough time if the case is chronic and due to severe underlying medical conditions like tumor or multiple sclerosis. By using tiny painless electric shocks the glucowatch draws a sample of interstitial fluid through the pores; this is then read by the device in order to determine the blood glucose level. It is a painless feeling and this abnormal sensation is felt in the hands, feet or legs and arms.
This phenomenon can be acute (short-term) for many people and it can be chronic (long-term) for some people.
Growing tumor in the brain or spinal cord can exert pressure on the surrounding regions causing this strange feeling.

In some cases, certain types of metabolic disorders like dehydration, hyperkalemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism and high levels of magnesium in blood can cause this problem. Patients with previous medical problems like diabetes and neurological issues should give top priority to these symptoms. Stretching exercises and gentle massaging of the affected limb can improve the symptoms and give relief from temporary numbness.
Topical creams like Lidocaine or Prilocaine can help in relieving the signs of temporary tingling and numbness. The term Paresthesia originates from the Greek in which “para” means abnormal indicating abnormal sensation. Nerve conductivity test would be administered if the doctor suspects any neurological problem or nerve damage. For people who get symptoms of Paresthesia due to cardiovascular problems blood pressure and cholesterol level would be stabilized by giving suitable medications. In very rare cases, surgical interventions is necessary to relieve the pressure from the underlying nerve. For some people this feeling is described as burning, pricking or tingling sensation and for others it is felt as numbness.
Contaminated sterile solutions, damage of nerve sheath fiber due to anesthesia can cause the effect of Paresthesia. In rare cases Paresthesia can be accompanied with serious signs like loss of consciousness, dizziness, changes in visual perception, shortness of breath, slurred speech and difficulty in walking. Sometimes, Paresthesia can be indicative of underlying medical disorders like muscular atrophy, numbness, restless leg syndrome, dysarthria and crawling feeling on the skin. Usually the doctor would start with mild dosage and observe the progress of the symptoms and gradually increase the dose depending on the situation.
Drugs like amitriptyline would reduce the signals of pain perception in the brain thereby providing relief of the above symptoms.

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