Sleep Well is a wireless blood glucose monitoring device concept, designed aiming to eliminate the sleepless nights of parents with the tension of getting their kids glucose level down to the extreme level. You're now following Glucometers in your eBay Feed.You will receive email alerts for new listings. The system comprises a portable and lightweight monitor with an ability to take wireless signal that parents keep with them and a wearable bracelet monitor that remains fastened on the child’s hand to transmit the health condition to the monitor. The portable monitor uses Bluetooth technology to […]Beam Is A Stylish and Modern Wearable Health Monitoring Device Health monitoring device is really important for users that need to constantly monitor their vital signs. Parents can easily review their child’s nightly activities during the middle of the night at their bedside convenient.

This monitor allows the parents to check their kid’s health without even leaving her bed and can be set to trigger an alarm when the blood sugar level of the child crosses a particular height. Beam is a stylish wearable medical monitoring device that simplifies the way a […]Dr. Moreover, parents can easily review their child’s nightly activities during the middle of the night at their bedside convenient. Hug : Thermometer Bracelet for Baby Being a parent means that we are responsible for baby’s well being. If an emergency situation takes place, they can rush to their child’s room with the monitor to perform the aid that has to be taken based on the information displayed on the monitor.

Hug is a small bracelet specially designed to allow you tracking of your baby’s condition 24 hours a day, in real […]The Night Sound Wireless Speaker for Big Music Concert or Party Getting a problem in hearing the music in a big concert?

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