Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Application will not impact negatively on the performance of your device and interfere with other applications. London, January 04 (QNA) - Parents are being urged to sign up for a free app which tells them the sugar content of food and drink.
The "sugar smart app", from Public Health England (PHE), works by scanning barcodes and revealing total sugar in cubes or grams. Officials hope it will help combat tooth decay, obesity and type two diabetes and encourage families to choose healthier alternatives, according to the (BBC). Its new Change4Life advertising campaign, which includes the sugar app, suggests that on average children aged four to ten years old are consuming 22kg of added sugar a year.

The app has been developed to raise awareness of how much sugar is contained in everyday food and drink. It works on more than 75,000 products, offering a quick guide to help parents to assess potential purchases that may harm their children's health. You should never use something from the internet or app stores as a replacement for your doctor or Pharmacists' advice.The new program was created by D. Chao and Andrew Forester who claim that certain lifestyle changes can be extremely beneficial for patients when it comes to normalizing blood sugar levels. Chao actually is a well-known physician who says that there is a secret to the cure of diabetes that all patients should find out now.In the guide created by the two authors, sufferers will find a series of ways to deal with blood sugar test and blood pressure. Exercises can turn out being extremely useful, along with other lifestyle changes.This will help regulate the functions of the body, but it will also lead to weight loss.

This makes it even simpler to implement than what people may first imagine.However, patients need to be careful as there are some foods they need to avoid as well. For instance, processed foods should always be avoided while stress should be reduced.Daily Gossip also reveals that with the use of this program, patients can take off their mind the stress while feeling better and happier. The Restore My blood sugar test also indicates that the new program features a 60-day full money back guarantee.

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