Here I am, with a pile of work to do (hooray!), and I pull the bring-a-vegetable-besides-asparagus straw for a gathering Saturday night.
You can find assorted recipes for the peas, but I think I’ll probably prepare them by the easiest possible, and possibly tastiest, method of all. Heat oil and butter in a skillet over medium-high heat until butter has melted and has stopped foaming. Well, Joanne, on that question I turn to Nutrition Action Healthletter and its detailed article on cooking oils a few years ago.
In this recipe, by the way, I used oil in place of more butter, which the original recipe called for and which tastes great.
The sweet earthy beets in this salad go so beautifully with the creamy, smoky goat’s cheese and the toasted pumpkin seeds—all perfectly balanced by the sweet and refreshing sugar snap peas. Remove tray from the oven and allow beets to steam for a further 10 minutes before unwrapping them and leaving them to cool slightly.
Dry-fry the pumpkin seeds over medium heat in a hot wok, stirring constantly, until lightly toasted. Toss together snow peas and beets together in a salad bowl and crumble over the goat’s cheese. Instructions: Preheat oven to 450° Toss the peas with olive oil, thyme, salt, and pepper, as well as garlic until coated. About this Author: Carol Peterson is the brilliant chef behind 90% of the amazing recipes you see on this fantastic blog.
When growing sugar snap peas, mulch around the plants carefully, which will prevent the soil from getting too hot in summer afternoon sun.
A little weeding is required, but growing snap peas don’t require a lot of fuss and muss. For knowing when to pick sugar snap peas, pay attention to the pods and pick when they are swollen.
Snap peas planting isn’t a difficult and the peas pretty much take care of themselves.
Of all the pea varieties out there, the sugar snap pea is quickly becoming one of the most popular type because you don’t need to shell the peas out of their pods. There are varieties that will require a trellis or support, but some are the bush-type that should stand fine on their own. Sugar snap peas are delicious either raw or cooked, and they provide a good source of folic acid and vitamins B1, K and C. Peas of all types have delicate root systems, so it’s not recommended that you try to start seedlings for later transplant. Prepare your soil with a thorough digging (particularly if you are in an area where the ground freezes solid over the winter).
Vining peas can be planted closer together than bushing peas, so plan your space out accordingly.
Don’t let your plants totally dry out, but peas are generally fine with regular rainfall. If you are growing peas that vine, you’ll want a trellis or some other kind of support to hold up the vines.

Peas grow quickly and can usually outpace the weeds, but keep your pea patch fairly weed-free as the summer progresses.
Sugar snap peas can be grown fine in containers, but you’ll have the best success with bush variety.
Potted peas have the added bonus that you can move them during the hotter months into a shadier location, extending the life (and productivity) of your plants.
Pea moths are the biggest insect pest for peas, though it’s actually their caterpillar larvae that do the damage not the moths themselves.
Because the pods are less tough than regular green peas, they are more vulnerable to chewing insect pests such as slugs and even cucumber beetles. It’s at harvest time that sugar snap peas are different from traditional shelling peas. Hot weather will kill your plants, so as the temperature goes up, you’ll find your plants will stop producing new pea pods.
Our soil is sand but this past year we ammended it w lots of horse manure.We have replanted. Do the plants die completely when it starts to get hot, or do they just stop producing pea pods? Well sugar snap peas are about the easiest, most delicious little vegetable you could hope to find this time of year. Although the word on what’s good and bad seems highly changeable, I feel reasonably comfortable with its recommendation of canola over olive oil for most uses. Pour in a few tablespoons of water, seal the foil tightly and bake beets in the oven for 40 minutes.
Spread on a cookie sheet and bake for 8 to 12 minutes or until softened and just starting to brown. Early on when growing sugar snap peas, cultivate and hoe shallowly so you don’t injure the plants. Minimal fertilization is necessary and soil prep in the beginning consists of simple raking and hoeing. The best way to know when your snap peas are ripe enough is to pick a couple each day until you find them to be perfect.
You still can of course, but the sweet edible pods mean a less time-consuming crop since you can just eat the peas and pod together. Snow peas are grown for their flat (and somewhat empty) pods, but sugar snap peas do have full-sized peas within the pods. Maturity dates come in a wide range, so you can choose peas that are ready to eat in just 2 months, or those that will take more than 3. Since peas are already planted very early in the season, there is usually little need to get a head-start for your plants. Bush peas will need about a foot of space between each plant, but vining peas can really just be sown along a row without worrying about the exact space.
Moths lay their eggs on your pea plants, just in time for the grubs to eat your developing peas. Pick off these bugs when you see them, and spray your plants with natural pyrethrin insecticides to keep them away.

Once the pods start to develop, you don’t necessarily have to wait until the peas inside have grown.
After planting my pea seeds I run a wire down the length of the row, about 2 to 3 feet off of the ground & tent plastic over the row until the plants have sprouted. I use olive oil, too, especially for its flavor, but for day-to-day cooking, I use more canola. The soil should also be dry enough to till without the dirt clumping up and sticking to your garden tools. Sugar Ann is particularly excellent for containers, and it matures very quickly too (less than 60 days). You can start to pick your sugar snap peas whenever you wish, though you’ll get more of a crop if you wait until the peas have started to fill out the pod. Yield can widely vary depending on the plant type, but in general you will get more peas from vines than bushes. To keep animals from eating your pods you can plant garlic, cilantro (which grows fast and spreads easily between plants) or hot peppers right in with your pea crop.
They are green and I have placed a glass panel in front of some to protect from birds and the sudden rain storms that have come through. I assume this is because the darlings are so tender and with so brief a harvest that lots of people never see them. Snap peas planting is done because this particular vegetable is great in salads while raw, or in stir fries with other vegetables.
It’s not necessary, but pea plants can grow much better with a sprinkling of inoculant added at planting. Either way, you will need to blanche them in boiling water for a minute or two before freezing so they retain their color and texture.
Also, I have planted bush peas & discovered that if they have no strings or trellis to climb they just make a tangled up mess all over the ground. Carol worked as a medical assistant for thirty years, and today, if she’s not cooking, you’ll find her gardening, crafting, coming up with DIY decorating projects, spending time in the Sierras, or keeping up with her granddaughter, the sixth generation in a long line of Peterson family farmers. Most pea seed is sold treated with fungicide to counteract this, but you can buy untreated seed if you prefer.
You can also spray the leaves with a mixture of organic soap (just enough to make the mix sticky) and chili powder. Strange i know but if I am positive and happy with them I like to think that will be happy nutritious plants. Animals really don’t like that but you have to remember to rinse them before you eat them yourself! And for the one with the sand , try building a box out of 1×8 boards then filling with an organic potting soil.

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