This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. THAT SUGAR FILM is a fun and engaging look at how (and how much) Australians consume sugar, how it impacts us and the surprising amount of it found in perceived healthy foods.
The film features appearances from Stephen Fry, Brenton Thwaites, Isabel Lucas and Jessica Marais.
THAT SUGAR FILM will have its world premiere on 20 November 2014 at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, the world’s largest documentary film festival. Giant eyes, teeny feet and mini waists: artist Meredith Viguet compares Miss Disney with Miss Distinctly Average in pictures.
Seems that if you wish a upon a star you'll get perky b-c cup boobs, a nipped waist and strangely no hips.
And as for the ethnic variations amongst Disney girls, well says Viguet "they'll be different depending on where they come from," but she notes that Arabian princesses, Hawaiians and Romani will of course all have the same 'Sugar Cookie Style' lips. We have to hand it to the girls though, because someday their prince will undoubtedly come - natch.
We have the possibility to use this cream easy to decorate desserts and cold drinks much as hot, which is trending, but mostly used to decorate cakes with whipped cream. If we want to decorate cakes with whipped cream it is the best cream prepare ourselves and it really going to need few ingredients. Let’s use 185 grams of cream or whipping cream with a minimum of 35% fat, 30 grams of powdered sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla.
To begin with we will leave the cream, the rods and the bowl where we will do the preparation in the refrigerator for two hours so that they are well cool to use. After that time has passed we dry cloth with moisture bowl and pour the cream rods in it, add the sugar and start to mix with electric mixer at medium speed. We move the rods throughout the mixture and see how they start to bubble to make a thick consistency; then we increase the speed of the mixer and stopped when we can form peaks with the cream to lift the rods. The peaks form when you lift the rods tells us that we can start and decorate cakes with whipped cream but if you will not use the preparation time must take into account that it can be stored at room temperature for only 30 minutes and up to 48 hours in the fridge.
If we are to succeed in the preparation are some things of which we have knowledge, for example, that the cream is composed of water, protein and fat so it thickens when cold.
This is one reason why we can not work with it when it is hot because that way it will not become the foam with the consistency that should have whipped cream as such.
Add cream to beat the air, we let the cold crystallizing fat encasing the air and making it thickens so you should not miss fat percentage for this.
The percentage of fat should be at least 35% to achieve our mission and if the cream does not possess must do to reach him, it is so easy and simple: adding butter.

Butter has the same property of thickened cold so it is ideal for increasing the percentage of fat cream fast our way.
To achieve optimum results butter should be as cold as the instruments mentioned above and to maintain the cold temperature once we get from the refrigerator especially if we are in a hot environment can make a bath but with ice.
Now let’s talk about some ideas of how to decorate cakes with whipped cream flavoring mix differently.
A cream chantilly we can give different flavors and aromas incorporating some extra ingredients to make a delicious contrast with the other flavors on the palate. Among the spices that we use is vanilla, which actually incorporate the whip the cream, we also have cinnamon, cardamom and anise. Similarly we can use coffee, cocoa, strawberry, blackberry or any other flavor that is in powder form. As herbs for this work we have as options the goal, peppermint, tea roses and other pleasant to consider. We can also use lemon zest, orange or tangerine to add a touch of flavor, chocolate syrup or some jam. We have two ways to use these ingredients to decorate cakes with whipped cream, sprinkle or pour first is a bottle flavoring pastry on cake and decorated creating a different look. But we can also incorporate any of these ingredients to the chantilly cream and we must heat the cream without letting it boil, add the flavoring, let stand if necessary, tagged along and we put in the fridge to continue step by step explained above.
We must take into account when decorating cakes with whipped cream that some of the flavors to mix can bring color to the mix but we can also use a bit of food coloring to achieve the desired color. In the bakery it is advisable to decorate cakes with whipped cream time when we finished because it is not very resistant to preserve any cake. That is why it is used to decorate cakes decorated cold that have to be kept refrigerated since the chantilly cream stand no more than 30 minutes exhibited outdoors because it begins to drain water.
We can also plan decorate cakes with whipped cream simple way to make the time they are going to serve the cake. On the other hand, chantilly cream should be more strongly if we use as a filling for our cakes and for this we add butter in order to increase the fat.
However, after making the stuffing we must return to refrigerate for 1 hour minimum to serve, while outside for more than 30 minutes because it will be the same mentioned earlier. If it is ultimately our cake will be much more time outside and just as we want to use the chantilly cream because the solution is to use a stabilizer to the mixture.
Actually there are many stabilizers to decorate cakes with whipped cream but the most common and readily available is gelatin.
Unflavored gelatin powder, also known as gelatin, serves to stabilize the cream and prolong shelf life once we get the cake decorated refrigerator. An approximate measure of what we need to stabilize is to use 3 grams of unflavored gelatin powder and 3 tablespoons of water per 200 milliliters of cream to go riding.

In a small bowl place the gelatin with water and let stand for a while to hydrate until visualize that has absorbed water. Then we bring this mixture to our microwave for 15 minutes, we get, stir and return to put in the micro few seconds, repeating the procedure until dissolve gelatin completely.
All this will allow us to decorate cakes with whipped cream without worrying about the time that will remain outside the refrigerator. This recipe to decorate cakes with whipped cream also can be used with strawberries without any problem. For this we will need a classic butter biscuit that will prepare with 5 eggs, ? cup sugar, 1 cup self-rising wheat flour, 3 tablespoons butter and 1 teaspoon vanilla. If we do not get wheat flour with leavening we can use normal but remember to add baking powder and likewise, it is preferable to melt the butter before you start because we work a lot easier. We prepare our cake recipe vanilla as you normally would, trying to be careful with the ingredients so they are well integrated, also sifting all powdered ingredients such as wheat flour and sugar to prevent lumps. We must use a mold that allows us to make cakes of about 23 centimeters and not used flat working surface. To decorate cakes with whipped cream should cut the cake in half to get two layers and to fill with what we want as custard, jam and peach pieces on the edges covered with whipped cream. After we immersed our fruit slices in confectioners and we placed the outer edge to a slightly superimposing on another forming a crown on the cake.
To learn how to use the sleeve to decorate cakes dazzling read our previous article on the subject. We sincerely hope that you like all ideas expressed here, who dare to decorate cakes with whipped cream and make homemade cakes.
Mi opinion es sobre la crema chantilly, La verdad no sabia como dar la consistencia a esta crema ya que siempre me quedaba muy liquida.,y no podia darle bonita forma con la duya.
Suscribete gratis, no te pierdas ni un post y recibe contenido exclusivo que te ayudara a mejorar tus habilidades creativas de costura, reposteria, fotografia y dibujo. Damon’s experiment saw him consuming forty teaspoons a day (the average amount consumed by an Australian adult); on a diet of perceived normal ‘healthy’ items, without any junk food. It will then release in Australian cinemas in March 2015, and will see Damon appearing around the country at a number of special events discussing the film, and sugar’s role in our lives.

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