One of the first things that happens is vitamin and mineral deficiency that often leads to excessive weight, something most people in this day and age have been battling for quite some time. So if you’re looking to do good by you, make sure you provide your body with enough vitamins and minerals through your diet, as well as supplements. On the other hand, when you reach the middle age you start noticing your body doesn’t function as it once did. Other downsides include tooth decay and gum problems which occur as a result of iron, vitamin B12 and C deficiency. Over the years vitamin D absorption reduces, as is the case with minerals like magnesium and iron.
The first symptoms that tell you something is up are fatigue, poor immune system, memory loss and irritability.

At the same time, if you’ve been procrastinating all these years, your body will definitely be showing the signs. This in turn lowers your energy levels, weakens your immune system and slows down your metabolism.
As for your physical appearance, your skin will start losing its glow, your hair will fall out, and your nails will split and become brittle.
So, with the right diet, and by this I mean the vitamin B complex, and bringing processed food intake down to a minimum, you’ll realize your age really is just a number. We keep including more and more processed and canned foods on our menus, foods that are known to lose great quantities of vitamins and minerals in the handling process. And although all micronutrients are equally important, for middle aged women calcium is key.

And when you’re feeling washed out, you often end up craving various stimuli like coffee and sugar which of course translates as weight gain. With the decrease of estrogen in your body, the absorption of calcium reduces significantly which slowly but surely leads to lower bone mineral density, i.e.

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